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The Beyond Issue #2 Production Samples Have Arrived! Wasteland #2 On Sale March 27th!

Our production samples for The Beyond issue 2 have arrived and goddamn they look stunning! Scoll down for a look at each cover and a few sample panels too! 

The rest of the run is on the boat as usual, I will keep everyone posted when they arrive and we start assembling everything. Stay tuned, I’m going to pick a few good Eibon Press customers that always share our products on social media and send them some of these early samples. If you’re lucky enough to get one PLEASE post pics and your thoughts on the issue. 

In other news Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 goes on sale March 27th! And we have something very BIG and SPECIAL happening that day. Stay tuned! 

Beyond Issue #2 Samples:



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