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The Beyond Issue #2 Corona Virus Printing Delay. Plus Sneak Peeks!

Hey, guys!  Shawn here with some news and updates on pre-orders and a few behind scenes peeks on operations here...

As most of you know we print our comics overseas in China to take advantage of their state of the art printing and the highest quality inks and paper stocks for an unbeatable price. If you are collecting our books you already know how awesome our printing is. Nobody beats our quality.

Unfortunately, because of the current Corona Virus outbreak, most of the manufacturing in China has been shut down or severely impaired this month. This is due to the ongoing efforts over there to contain the virus. And of course our print shop was one of the businesses closed down. We only expected them to be shut down for a few weeks but that turned into almost a month. But we finally got some good news this week. Our printer finally opened back up and The Beyond Issue #2 went to press and is now at the bindery and the books will finally be shipping to us next week. Even now, the printing factory has been operating at a much slower rate, because they have about half the employees working full time. Because of this uncontrollable setback please expect an extra 2-3 week delay on The Beyond #2. Of course we are 100% transparent here and always do our best keep everyone posted.  This issue will be no different. Expect news from us the second we have it. When the books arrive and I begin assembly and shrink wrapping I will let everyone know as usual. We are also 100% committed to providing you with the best possible product and we have proved again and again that we deliver.

Don't forget, the best way to keep up to date on all things Eibon is the NEWS page of the site. Stephen and I post updates several times per month there. Also I suggest signing up for our Email Newsletter (see the top of the site to sign up) and follow us on our social media pages. Keeping customers up to date is our number one concern. 

Of course the Corona Virus is not affecting the rest of our operations here at all, we are still busting ass and on schedule. Pat Carbajal is nearing the end of his art duties on The Beyond Issue #3 and will soon be moving on to the final issue! Here's another sneak of Pat's inks for issue #3. This shit is gonna RULE kids!

Everyone should have their Wasteland 1989 Issue #1's now. We hope you dig them. Don't forget to post reviews/plugs on your social media pages, it really helps us here! If you have a podcast or a blog, please help spread the Eibon word! Of course more Wasteland 1989 is on the way, Puis Calzada has wrapped the art on issue #2 and is now moving on to issue #3! Check out a stunning sneak peak of our PSYCHO FAN COVER, featuring the bad guys of issue #2! That's Jim the mad movie director and his star slasher KILLER KANE! Psycho fan cover colors by Fatboy.

Here's a look INSIDE the issue, with amazing interior colors by BRUNA COSTA, who is now in firmly in the saddle as our main in house colorist:

Yep, Janet kicks ALL the ass, kids!

Also now available in our store while supplies last:

Un-sleeved factory damaged Bottomfeeder comics, COMPLETE SETS! LOW PRICE!

As most of you know, we hand assemble our comics in our Eibon Sleeves and do all the shrink wrapping here in our shop. While we are packaging them up, if any comic isn't perfect we don't sleeve it. There's always a certain number that get dinged at the factory or in transit to us, and so sometimes we just put them aside and offer them later at discount prices. 

We put together these complete Bottomfeeder sets using these imperfect copies. With your purchase you get all three issues of Bottomfeeder together in a set, no sleeves, no extras, just all three comics. Only while supplies last, though. WE ONLY HAVE SO MANY OF THESE. So don't miss out!

The damage is primarily, but not limited to, corner dings and minor dog-earring. Most of the damage is barely noticeable. Comics are sold AS IS. 

They are $15 per set plus shipping. Keep in mind our Bottomfeeder comics are THICK 60 page double issues. 180 pages of pure exploitation! This is a GREAT low price. 

Come Get Some!


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