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Every Eibon Press comic book is printed on the highest quality paper, with cutting edge offset printing and card stock covers, placing our books in the top ranks of indie publishing. 

But that's not all.  Each copy comes sealed in a variant art album jacket sleeve, with a spine, just like the dust jackets you get with a vinyl LP.  This allows you to store your entire Eibon collection on the bookshelf, right next to your prestige editions and trade paperbacks. Plus, each copy is hand-packed into the sleeve and stuffed with cool collectible extras like stickers, trading cards, posters, art prints, bookmarks and MORE.  Plus each copy comes with a special full color collector's brochure and is hand assembled and shrink-wrapped in our shop.

And that's STILL not all.  Some editions, such as WASTELAND 1989, even feature high-end extras like CDs and mini vinyl record albums.

Plus, every sleeve has different artwork than the main comic book sealed inside, so you get TWO covers for the price of one.  And awesome collectibles SEALED inside!   And It's all sealed and packed by HAND.  Nobody else offers collectibility like that.  NOBODY.

Check out a look at our sealing and packaging process BELOW . . . and order one TODAY, to see why we're simply the best there is at providing one-of-a-kind SUPER collectible high end single issue comic books.