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Eibon Press is proud to announce the release of our most audacious and controversial horror comic series in an ALL NEW COLLECTED EDITION, which harkens back to the golden age of film noir cinema, combined with all the gritty excess of politically incorrect 1980's horror films. Yes, we’re talking about our notorious BOTTOMFEEDER series, once intended to be a feature film starring the legendary Joe Pilato of George A. Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD fame as a grizzled bad lieutenant, locked in battle with a twelve foot tall horny fish monster right out of HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP. With Pilato having passed away recently, our new edition of BOTTOMFEEDER is both dedicated to Joe and, of course, “stars” the man himself, along with a gaggle of legendary horror stars from yesteryear, such as Joe SpinellZoe TamerlisBill Moseley and Clu Gulager, all in “supporting roles,” illustrated with eerie exactitude by Eibon star artist Pat Carbajal (Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIEWilliam Lustig’s MANIAC and THE BEYOND).

The new FULL BLACK edition of Bottomfeeder is a mind-blowing new look for the series: 172 pages of sheer terror and excess, in stunning black and white, with all-new gray tones that capture the mood and feel of a true film noir. Only 500 copies have been printed, making this new collection a must-have-and-get-it-now collector’s item. Each copy is sealed in our protective outer Eibon Sleeve and will contain an original Bottomfeeder SOUNDTRACK CD by Dave Neabore of the hip hop rock band Dog Eat Dog! The CD also features audio clips of Joe Pilato as detective Lieutenant Joe Angell. And the cherry on top: An all new INTRODUCTION by legendary author JOE R. LANSDALE! Lansdale calls the book “Full flavor exploitation with a side of rancid butter.” And you can’t get any blacker than THAT.