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Escape From The Beyond On Sale THIS FRIDAY! See Everything!!!

The Final Chapter Begins...

Escape From The Beyond is our new epic comic book sequel to Lucio Fulci's classic film and it finally goes on sale THIS FRIDAY October 29th at 7pm Pacific! Issue #1 is a massive 50 Page double issue written by Stephen Romano with art and colors by Jeff Zornow

As usual we have three different and amazing versions to match every budget. First up is jam-packed Psycho Edition! 

In this Psycho Edition you get FOUR Editions of Issue #1 plus ALL the extras and MORE, including a trade paper back ashcan, an 11 x 17 poster! Check it out! 

Next up is our Signed Edition!

In the Signature Edition your 50 Page comic comes Signed, Numbered and Sealed in one of our Eibon Sleeves. You get a FREE 11 x 17 poster with your comic and more insane extras, check it out! 

Finally we have our Escape From The Beyond Standard Edition! 

In the Standard Edition your 50 page comic comes sealed in one of our Eibon Sleeves and features an exclusive trading card and more!

Everything goes on sale THIS FRIDAY October 29th at 7PM Pacific! Now check out some amazing Escape From The Beyond samples pages and prepare yourself...   

We hope to see you in the store this Friday October 29th at 7pm Pacific for the beginning of our Pre-Order Weekend! If you'd like an email reminder please sign up for your email/newsletter list HERE Thanks! 

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