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Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 On Sale March 27th Plus 50% OFF MARCH MAYHEM SALE!

Hey Kids, Shawn here with a massive Eibon Press update and news on The Beyond #2, Wasteland #2 and our MARCH MAYHEM 50% OFF SALE!

Everyone seems to be loving the shit out of their Wasteland 1989 BOOK AND RECORD SETS. We've received nothing but praise for Janet and her mutant cat and I'm happy to say that Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 goes on sale Friday March 27th at 7pm Pacific!  It's a riff on slasher movies you're gonna love! Below you can see all the covers and extras and everything you’ll get with this amazing release! And that very same weekend of March 27th, we’ll also be having a HUGE MARCH MAYHEM 50% OFF SALE, you’ll be able to pick up Wasteland #2 and anything else in our store for HALF FUCKING OFF!  Wowza! I doubt you will ever see another deal like this here ever again, it's INSANE. To get your 50% Off just use coupon code MAYHEM27 at check out. $20 minimum purchase.

This is the perfect time to start your collection or stock up on some doubles or fill a few holes in your collection, and remember OUR BOOKS MAKE GREAT GIFTS!!!! Tell your cheap-ass friends! While we wait out the Coronavirus quarantines, our books are always fun too.   And hey, by the way... be safe and SANE during all this. AND STAY HOME.

*Don't forget, this deal is only good from May 27th at 7pm until Sunday May 29th at Midnight. $20 Minimum Purchase*

Also, just in case you missed the NEWS from earlier, our production samples for The Beyond issue 2 have arrived and goddamn they look stunning! The rest of the run is on the boat as usual, but we were delayed by the virus quarantines, unfortunately. I will keep everyone posted when they arrive and we start assembling everything. Stay tuned!  I’m going to pick a few good Eibon Press customers that always share our products on social media and send them some of these early samples. If you’re lucky enough to get one PLEASE post pics and your thoughts on the issue. CLICK HERE for some more pages to look at.  Not kidding, folks. Stephen and Pat and Bruna knock this the FUCK out of the park.


Now on to Wasteland 1989 Issue #2. First up we have our Psycho Edition:

Check out everything you get in this Psycho Fan Set kids, it's on FIRE! You get three amazing editions, included a 50 page ashcan-sized script book plus amazing exclusive prints, a super limited bookmark, and  ALL the extras from both the Standard and Signed Editions! 

And don't forget, because of our MARCH MAYHEM 50% OFF SALE instead of $80, you only pay ONLY $40! BUT THAT'S ONLY GOOD FOR THREE DAYS. Then it's eighty bucks again. Do not pass this up! 


 And here’s our Signature Edition:

Check out the Signature Edition extras! You get a signed art print exclusive trading cards and MORE! 

And with our MARCH MAYHEM 50% Off SALE, you knock down your price from $20 to just $10! WHAT?! $10 for the Signature Edition? We must be fucking crazy.  Yes.  Yes, we're fucking crazy.

And finally our Standard Edition:

In our Standard Edition you get two exclusive trading cards and MORE! 

And with our 50% OFF MARCH MAYHEM SALE your price drops from $15 to only $7.50. That is fucking silly cheap.  ($20 Minimum purchase)

See you in the store March 27th at 7pm Pacific for MARCH MAYHEM, until then keep your eyes on our social media pages for more Wasteland Issue #2 sneaks! This fucking SMOKES.

We're busting ass to bring you the highest quality collector's comics, and we're trying like hell to let you know how much we appreciate you guys, who keep us in business.  So MAYHEM, guys!  And remember . . . we're all in this together.  Stay safe.  Stay sane.  And rock on.



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