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Welcome to the cutting-edge world of EIBON PRESS.

For the past seven years, we've become a front-running indie publisher, specializing in SUPER LIMITED EDITION SINGLE ISSUE COMIC BOOKS, the likes of which have never been seen before.  We are a physical media only company, with much of our output dedicated to high-end cult movie tie-in comics, based on classic horror and science fiction films such as Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE, William Lustig's MANIAC and Charles Band's LASERBLAST.  We also offer cutting-edge original titles such as WASTELAND 1989 and BOTTOMFEEDER, which are also highly "cinematic" in nature, inspired by retro-nostalgia and gory horror and action movies of several bygone eras. Dread Central called BOTTOMFEEDER a "skin crawling experience!"  Check out their rave review!  We believe movies and comics walk side by side and we're slamming it hard, with our FULCI COMICS and VHS COMICS lines.

But what REALLY makes our books so special?  That's the EIBON SLEEVE, kids. It's an innovative packaging concept that makes each copy of every issue an instant collector's item.  It's our very own invention: a variant art slipcover, like the sleeve of a vinyl record album, sealed and stickered the same way your favorite LPs are, with extras like trading cards, art prints, bookmarks, compact discs and posters tucked inside, along with the comic book! 

Each unit is hand assembled, shrink-wrapped, and even comes with a special full color brochure, making each issue of every series we release an event!  Only 1,000 copies of each issue are offered and we publish a limited number of issues per year, in the manner of a magazine, so our output is more rarefied and practically collectible to those on a limited budget.  Nobody else does books like this and so they cost a bit more.  But we guarantee they'll kick the asses of every other book you own!  And during our pre-order weekends, you can also take advantage of our PSYCHO FAN OFFERS, to get the very first copies printed and get even more amazing stuff, such as special enamel pins, t-shirts, collectible posters and art prints, and super limited edition 100-plus page scriptbooks that detail the making of certain issues, showing you original art, pencils, inks and full scripts. Check out what we do!

And ON TOP OF ALL THAT: OUR BOOKS ARE PHYSICAL MEDIA ONLY AND NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES.  That's right, you can only get them directly from us here and we will never offer a digital edition of any book we do.  Either you hold it in your hand and smell the ink, or it ain't the real thing, kids!  We are true indie, existing entirely outside traditional publishing platforms and bringing you incredible value and personalized customer service that is second to none.  And that's to say nothing of the unbridled, uncensored, totally over-the-top top artwork and stories you get each month, from a talented team of artisans that believe in ZERO censorship and ZERO messing around when it comes to telling the best, most intense horror and science fiction stories out there.