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The Beyond #2 Blowing Out! Psycho Fan Editions Almost Gone!


So THE BEYOND #2 is blowing out this weekend, and we'd like to thank all of you who are making that happen! The BEYOND #2 PSYCHO FAN EDITION has sold almost two thirds of its meager 100 unit print run in just over 24 hours, which is a milestone for any second issue at Eibon.  But in our mad dash to get this one into the store, we forgot to post some full SAMPLE PAGES of the issue in our feeds and such... so just for you guys, who keep the lights on at Eibon, here's not one, but FOUR sneak previews of what's in store for you! Check 'em out! And brace yourselves.  This issue blows away everything else we've ever done.  Pat Carbajal and Bruna Costa are the Eibon dream team we deserve!  They're already hard at work on issue 3, which will be coming in a few more months, after WASTELAND 1989 #2 hits! 

So keep it here, kids!  We make your comic book nightmares a reality! 

-Stephen & Shawn

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