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Wasteland 1989 Assembly Pics Kids! Shipping SOON!

All the Wasteland 1989 extras are finally in kids! I had hoped to have everything last week but unfortunately we experienced a delay with the CD production and we didn’t get them in until today. Sorry for the delay, but as you know our stuff is more than worth the wait.

We will be finishing up assembly and signing everything this weekend, all preorder customers will see tracking numbers soon. And if you haven't pick up your copy yet now is the time to change that! You really get an ultimate value with this release, because every issue is a BOOK AND CD SET! These are thick 60-page suckers books too, its a killer package.

Just wait until you hear the audio we put together for this story. It really makes the action come alive as you read! The CD is over an hour long, with the full audio dramatization of the double-issue story, done just like a movie soundtrack, plus you get plenty of BONUS TRACKS. 

CLICK HERE to Order and check out some pics! 

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