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Beyond #3 and Bottomfeeder Full Black Shipping Soon! Beyond #4 Sneak Peek!

Hey guys Shawn here.  I took a break from screaming at UPS and figured I'd do a little update and give you guys some good news. We finally got the Beyond Issue #3's in!  Because of the pandemic we been experiencing some pretty bad shipping delays. Its been taking 3-4 weeks longer to get our books to our warehouse from our overseas printer. But this is out of our control. The shipping companies are understaffed so shipping has been slower unfortunately. This issue won't be much longer, we are working on signing everything and putting the different editions together now. I will post news and email everyone the day Issue #3 begins shipping but I'm shooting for the end of next week.

Some more good news: Bottomfeeder Full Black books and a slew of the extras just got here yesterday! This will actually be the first Eibon Press comic printed in the United States so we were able to get the books here a little faster. Check out some pics below. The sleeves and the rest of the extras will be coming in over the next 1-2 weeks and I will post news and videos when we start assembly. Stephen and I started signing the books yesterday and Joseph will be signing the trading cards and prints this weekend. Bottomfeeder Full Black orders should be shipping right after Beyond #3. My goal is to have them shipping around the first week of August.  

Because everything got a bit behind we decided to push the Beyond Issue #4 date up. The Beyond Issue #4 now goes on sale Friday July 31st.  It's a 50 PAGE DOUBLE ISSUE BLOWOUT too, kids, and let me tell you... it fucking rules.  Check out this exclusive sneak peek of the final issue!



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