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The Beyond Issue #3 Preorder UPDATE! Plus Beyond Issue #4 News and Sneaks!

The Beyond Issue #3 is a few weeks behind. Because of Covid19 we've been experiencing shipping delays from our printer, so we have to wait a few extra weeks for the books to arrive. Unfortunately this is out of our control. According to the tracking the books are due to arrive NEXT WEEK, so we will start signing and assembly then, look for tracking numbers for all Beyond #3 orders in about 2 weeks or so. The Eibon Sleeves and extras arrived last week and they all came out great, check out some samples:

In other news The Beyond Issue #4 has almost finished production and will go on sale later this month, on FRIDAY JULY 24! Mark those calendars kids, this is the final issue and its gonna BLOW OUT! Issue #1 is almost sold out and issue 2 and 3 are going fast too. Get them all before they are gone forever. Reprints are unlikely.

The Beyond #4 is a 50 PAGE DOUBLE ISSUE that brings our movie saga of Gates Of Hell, House By The Cemetery and The Beyond to it's epic, blood-soaked finale!  It features the final legendary SIEGE OF THE HOSPITAL ZOMBIES and John and Liza's decent into hell, as well two of the film's most iconic kill scenes. This includes Emily's death and MARTHA'S DEATH, and just to show you how much we love you and appreciate your support, here's a look at nearly that whole sequence.  Pat Carbajal and Bruna Costa have knocked this issue out of the fucking park, kids.  Stephen says this is his favorite scene in the entire three movie series.

Plus the issue will feature an all-new short story epilogue to the film by Romano, which brings the whole series together and cues up the epic sequel Escape From The Beyond!

And finally we just got in the FREE Zombie Posters too! They came out SWEET! Any orders eligible for these will start seeing tracking soon.

As always, thanks for you support!

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