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15% Off Sale Ends Tomorrow! Don't Pass This Up!

Hey kids, just a reminder that our 15% Off Sale ends tomorrow at Midnight! Don't miss out on your chance to save 15% on EVERYTHING in our store! Its the perfect opportunity to fill all the holes in your Eibon Press collection and pick up our latest release Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK at a LOW price!

Check this out; Instead of paying $100 for the Bottomfeeder Psycho Black Box Set you only pay $85! And the Standard Editions are only $34 instead of $40! Do not pass these savings up, the deal ends Monday at Midnight.

If you collect our Psycho Fan Sets, the time to move on this is NOW. We have less than 20 Psycho's left in the store, they won't last much longer. And the Standards are selling like hot cakes too. 

Use Coupon Code BOTTOM19 at check out. $40 minimum purchase. 


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