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Zombie Issue #8 Psycho Edition! 4 Comic Set Including 150-Page Script Book! - Only 100 Copies! ALMOST GONE!


Zombie Issue #8 Psycho Fan FOUR BOOK Personalized Set

Only 100 Copies available! 

In this amazing Psycho Fan set you get FOUR BOOKS! 3 Comics PLUS a 150 page script book! Plus ALL EXTRAS from both standard and signature editions!


Read carefully and see all photos! Here's all the gory details:

-Your First Comic: Features a variant cover by our latest artist Puis Calzada! (more surprises coming from Puis!) These are super rare variants kids, only 100 of these were printed, they are rare as hell. Signed, Personalized, and Numbered by Shawn Lewis. Sealed in our Eibon Sleeve. 

-Your Second Comic: You get the Signature Edition featuring the standard cover by Pat Carbajal! Signed and numbered by Stephen Romano. Sealed in our Eibon Sleeve.

-Your Third Comic: Features are variant Cover by Pat Carbajal! This one comes unsleeved. Also Signed and Numbered! 

-Your Fourth: Is a 150 page (HUGE) Zombie #8 script book! YES you get Stephen Romano's entire script with ALL of Pat Carbajal's original pencils and inks! A real collector's item, do not pass this up! 


-15 Mini art prints featuring ALL the book and sleeve covers from the sequel series! Amazing stuff! (see pics for details)

-4 Awesome bookmarks only in this edition! (see pics for details)

-4 Original trading cards only in this edition! (see pics for details)

-Stunning Art print of President Joe by Pat Carbajal! Only in this edition! (see pics for details)

-And of course All the trading cards, brochures and other extras from both the signature and standard editions. Psycho fans get EVERYTHING and MORE!

All Psycho Fan sets are Personally autographed to the name your order is under. If you have a different name request or a custom inscription you'd like, let us know, simply email us RIGHT AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. Please include your NAME and ORDER NUMBER.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Only purchase if you are a serious Psycho Fan.

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