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Maniac 2: ROADKILL ISSUE #2 Psycho Fan Set! 4 Books! Variant Covers! Script Book! 11 x 17 Poster! Art Print Sets! MORE! Only 100 Sets!


Eibon Press is proud to unleash the second issue of our critically acclaimed MANIAC sequel series! ROADKILL Issue #2 is 40 pages of intense maniacal mayhem written by Stephen Romano and Pat Carbajal. With art by Pat Carbajal and colors by Matheus Huve and Bruna Costa.

In this amazing Psycho Fan Set you get FOUR books and a TON of extra stuff. PLUS Psycho Fans also get everything from the Signature and Standard Editions! See all details below and be sure to scroll through all the pics and sample pages.

Here's everything you get in the Roadkill Issue #2 Psycho Fan Edition: 

Your First ComicRoadkill Issue #2 Psycho Variant Cover Edition sealed with bonus second insert cover: 40 pages. Rare variant cover by Pat Carbajal. Only 100 printed! Each one comes signed, numbered and personalized on the books themselves by Executive Publisher Shawn Lewis. Sealed in an Eibon Sleeve with ALL extras from the Signed Edition. See pics for details. 

-Your Second Comic: Maniac 2 Roadkill Standard Edition:  40 pages Only 100 printed! Featuring awesome painted cover by Pat Carbajal! Each one comes signed, numbered on the books themselves by Executive Publisher Shawn Lewis. Sealed in an Eibon Sleeve with ALL extras from the Standard Edition. See pics for details. 

-Your Third Comic: Roadkill unsleeved "alternate title" Edition:  40 pages. Only 100 Printed! Featuring Alternate Roadkill title and logo with painted "Chainsaw Frank" variant cover by Pat Carbajal! Signed and numbered. See pics for details. 

-Your Fourth Book: Roadkill #2 Script Book "Shotgun wedding": Over 130 Pages! The complete issue from rough sketch to completed art plus original script and notes from the author! Only 100 printed, 6x9 trade paperback. See pics for details. 

 -11x17 Roadkill #2 Collector's Poster: Awesome poster featuring Pat Carbajal's hand painted art! 

-Ladies Of Roadkill #2 Art Card Set: Set of five 6x9 Roadkill art cards. Original art by Pat Carbajal. See ad for details 

-Roadkill #2 Portfolio Art Print Set: Over a dozen original sketches by Pat Carbajal. See Ad for details 

-Niki Crypt Art Print Set! Art by Pat Carbajal and Puis Calzada! 

-Trading Cards! Full set of Roadkill #2 cards plus two bonus cards only available in this edition! 

-Two Roadkill #2 Brochures featuring special Niki Crypt comic!   

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Only purchase if you are a serious Psycho Fan.

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