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Wasteland 1989 Issue #1 Psycho Edition! 3 Comics including 120 Page Script Book! 2 Soundtrack CD's, plus a VHS Box, Enamel Pin and MUCH MORE - Only 100 Copies!


Our latest original comic series Wasteland 1989 is a badass riff on the post nuke wasteland movies of the 1980s that we all love so much. Written by Stephen Romano with art by Puis Calzada and colors by Matheus Huve and Fatboy. The premier issue is a massive 60 pages, But the BIG NEWS is that it's not just a comic book. It's a total EXPERIENCE. Based on the Power Records series of the 1970s and 1980s each copy of Wasteland 1989 contains a compact disc with the entire story dramatized with a full cast, explosive cinema quality sound FX, and an original 80's inspired soundtrack!

Check out the Psycho Edition below kids. It's a BIG ONE. 

In this amazing Psycho Fan set you get THREE BOOKS and ALL EXTRAS from both Standard and Signature Editions.

Here's everything you get in the Psycho Edition: 

Read carefully and please see ALL PHOTOS! Here's all the gory details:

-Your First ComicWasteland 89 Issue #1: Kid Dead Variant Cover Edition! Awesome Kid Dead variant cover by Puis Calzada! Each book comes signed, numbered and personalized on the books themselves. Sealed in an Eibon Sleeve with all Signature Edition extras including the Wasteland 1989 Soundtrack CD featuring the entire story dramatized with a full cast, explosive cinema quality sound FX, and an original 80's inspired soundtrack! It's a fully immersive cinematic soundscape with motion picture quality sound design right out of something like MAD MAD: FURY ROAD. What we're doing here is the total EXPERIENCE...

-Your Second Comic: Wasteland 89 Issue #1: Standard Edition! Also signed, numbered, and sealed in an Eibon Sleeve with Standard Edition Extras TWO exclusive trading cards and the Wasteland 89 Soundtrack CD! Also Signed and Numbered.

-Your Third Comic: 120 page making-of Wasteland 89 Script Book! Detailing the entire process of creating WASTELAND 1989 #1 and gives you the full script and original black and white art!

Plus you get these Premium Extras:

-Janet Of The Apocalypse Enamel Pin! with exclusive art by PAT CARBAJAL and FATBOY, our Eibon Press A-team! Only 100 of these have been made for this Psycho Fan set! Only for Psycho Fans!

-Wasteland Warriors Collector's Poster! Amazing poster featuring some of Janet's buddies. Art by Brian Baugh with colors by Bruna Costa! Only for Psycho Fans!

-10 Mini Prints! 10 mini prints featuring Wasteland 89 original character designs! Only For Psycho Fans!

-Wasteland 1989 VHS BOX! because this is from our VHS COMICS line, you get a SIGNED VHS BOX, with stunning Janet art! 

-2 Brochures! Awesome behind the scenes info! 

-Four Trading Cards! Yep you get ALL the trading cards for this Issue! 

All Psycho Fan sets are Personally autographed to the name your order is under. If you have a different name request or maybe you just want them signed and not personalized, or a custom inscription you'd like, let us know, simply email us RIGHT AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. Please include your NAME and ORDER NUMBER.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Only purchase if you are a serious Psycho Fan.

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