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The Beyond Issue #2 Signature Edition! Signed And Numbered Comic, Signed Art Print and 2 Exclusive Trading Cards! - Only 300 Copes!


The Beyond Issue #2 is 40 pages, written by Stephen Romano with art by Pat Carbajal. Colors by Bruna Costa with additional colors by Matheus Huve and Fatboy.


Here's everything you get in the Signature Edition:

-The Beyond Issue #2 Killer painted cover by Pat Carbajal! Signed And Numbered on the books themselves by writer Stephen Romano! It comes sealed in an Eibon Sleeve with art by Pat Carbajal! 

-Art Print featuring Pat Carbajal's issue #2 cover! Signed by Stephen Romano! 

-2 Exclusive Trading Cards only in this edition! 

-Liza and Schwiek Mini-Posters/Brochures featuring art by Pat Carbajal!

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