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Hey, kids!

Our first BOOK AND RECORD set goes on sale this THURSDAY NOV. 28 at 7PM Pacific and it's a blast of FURY ROAD style badassness!  WASTELAND 1989 #1 is a 60 page double issue assault unlike anything else out there and you won't want to miss it. Check out this super-cool PREVIEW VIDEO that shows just how the amazing soundtrack included with every book fully dramatizes the action in every scene, with a full cast, original music and movie quality sound design!  It's all full of gun-slinging, car-crashing 1980s style mayhem, and it has monsters, zombies and Killer Klowns from hell too! 

Each edition is super limited! And as usual, you can choose from Standard, Signature and Psycho Fan packages, all priced to fit any budget.  (But, man, WE really think you NEED one of these Psycho sets. They're super cool!)  Check out the details below!

The Psycho Fan PackageMASSIVE COLLECTOR'S PACKAGE loaded with extras!

The Signature Edition: Includes a Wasteland 89 VHS Box and 2 Exclusive Trading Cards!

The Standard Edition: With TWO exclusive trading cards!

Be in our store this Thursday November 28th, Thanksgiving Night at 7pm Pacific and celebrate BLACK SUNDAY with Janet of the Apocalypse and WASTELAND 1989!

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