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Hey, kids!  Stephen here, with some coolness for you.  We're just weeks away from rolling out the long-awaited issue number three of WASTELAND 1989 and it's one of our biggest yet: A whopping 50 PAGE DOUBLE ISSUE with an accompanying audio CD that brings you the action in a full soundscape that plays just like one of those bigass action/horror/monster/sci-fi movies everyone seems to like so much.  The CD covers all the action from not only issue 3 but also issue 2. That last issue didn't have a CD and so we're playing catch up, and we've done over an hour and fifteen minutes of intense drama for ya.  This baby has been literally years in the making and now we're finally getting it out to you.  Janet of the Apocalypse is one of my favorite characters here at Eibon, and she got plenty of love during our big sale. Lots of you really dig on Janet, so here she comes again:

Mark your calenders.  The pre-order hits on FRIDAY MAY 14. Pacific time. Be there and get some! 

As usual we'll have some stunning extras for the signature and Psycho Fan editions, but we'll announce those later.  Right now, take a look at the world premiere of the awesome sleeve wrap that all three editions will come encased in and this super-cool sample of the audio presentation, accompanied by some killer motion comic animation from our pal Jason D. Morris at Resurrection Films.  This gives you a small taste of the soundtrack we created for the issue 2 section. We'll have a preview also from the issue 3 section in the coming weeks before the ore-order begins.  REMEMBER you get TWO ISSUES worth of audio on the CD and a DOUBLE ISSUE COMIC this time.  You can't beat that with a fucking stick, dude!  Even if the stick is covered in mutant zombie blood!

Stay tuned, kids.  Janet's just getting started!


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