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UPDATES ON EVERYTHING! Maniac 2 Delay, Shipping Delay, Brexit/Vat issues...

UPDATES ON EVERYTHING - Anyone with pending orders please read carefully.

As you probably already realize Maniac 2 is way behind. We are still waiting on the main shipment of books to land here at our shop. The pandemic has really done a number on shipping, especially getting our books from overseas. Simply put everything is slower than turtle shit. If all goes well the Maniac 2 books should be landing here over the next week or two. Once the books arrive we will update everyone on our social media pages and through our Email Newsletter... Stay tuned. 

In other news our 50% Off sale was HUGE, thanks everyone for your support on that! But because of the Pandemic expect shipping delays, things are simply SLOWER that normal but we are doing our best. I am shipping a bunch of orders this weekend and over the next 2-3 weeks I should have them all shipped. Please be patient, emailing me and threatening my life won't make your order ship faster and always remember Eibon Press books are more than worth the wait.

Lastly, I need to update all United Kingdom customers, because of the new Brexit laws we have to start charging UK customers VAT tax in advance before shipping. In the past VAT fees were paid when customers received their orders, but because of the new laws that is all changed and we need to collect VAT in advance. SO, if you have a pending order with us, including Maniac 2, or you have an order in our 50% off sale I will be personally contacting each of you to pay the VAT before I ship. If I don't collect the VAT before shipping you risk your pack being returned to us and you will have to pay shipping all over again to reship. Lets avoid that nightmare please. I've already had customers bitching at me about VAT. Please understand there is NO WAY around paying the VAT and this is 100% out of our control, please direct your anger elsewhere. We are working on all the red tape setting up the Brexit/Vat accounts now, as soon as it is set up we will reach out to each UK customer individually and take care of you.

I thank everyone for their patients durning this crazy busy time. Rest assured all orders should be shipped before the end of the month. Thanks -Shawn

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