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The Maniac Collection ON SALE NEXT FRIDAY! See All The EXTRAS!

Hey, kids!  Romano here!  We're knee-deep in Eibon shit this year and slinging it with both hands.  Coming up Next Friday SEPTEMBER 4th is MANIAC: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, which collects all three issues of our most popular horror series in a single blood-soaked volume!  And here, for the first time ever is our big-ass REVEAL on all the swell STUFF you'll get when your order this bad motherfucker.

We already showed you the sleeve cover, which ate everyone's face, but here is your FIRST LOOK at the MAIN FRONT AND BACK COVER of the book proper, done expressly for this edition by Pat Carbajal, Fatboy and Bruna Costa:

Wow, right?  They really outdid themselves, we think. 

Next up, let's talk editions. The book will come in just two flavors: The Standard Edition and The Psycho Frank Edition. However, the Standard Edition will have a special FREE STUFF for those of you who order first. Check it out:

That's right the first 300 orders will be signed and numbered personally by me, and have a FREE ENAMEL PIN, which Pat and I designed together!  He did the art and I did the colors.  Cool, huh?  And we're throwing in a special Signed and Numbered 6x9 Print, too, which depicts the books most notorious double page splash! This deal is only available while supplies last pre-order weekend from Sept 4th-Sept 6th! If you want your book signed and the two special extras you must be one of the first 300 orders through the gate next weekend. 

Now for all you Psycho Fans, check this out:

We went out of our way to make this package super sweet.  You get THREE KILLER POSTERS, all 11 X 17 and folded.  Poster #1 is Pat Carbajal's killer SLEEVE ART, designed to melt your face: 

Plus you get a special preview poster of MANIAC 2: ROADKILL. Here's a closer look! This is actually page 2 of the comic proper.  And let me tell you, kids... it only gets worse from there. MANIAC 2: Roadkill is one of the hardest, craziest, most gleefully, psychotically politically incorrect things we've ever done here at Eibon and we know you're gonna love it!


And for your last poster, WASTELAND 1989 artist Puis Calzada has cooked up a Frank Zito special that will knock you out---but it's a super secret piece of art you only get to see when you open your package!

We also included an all-new art print set with Frank and Anna, done just for this package by Pat Carbajal, and you get the signed print and enamel, of course, plus an exclusive psycho Frank bookmark! 

And and you get MANIAC SKETCHBOOK EDITION, too! I've been sweating blood to get that ready for you, kids. It's a fully annotated version of the complete script, accompanied by a cover-to-cover representation of all Pat's original pencil art for the entire series!  This is supplement to the script book we did for issue 3 of the series proper and it SMOKES. If you're a real MANIAC fan, you're gonna totally want this!

AND, because we love you, were throwing in something extra fuckin' special. Those of you that have been with us since the beginning will remember our original release of Maniac issue #1, only the VHS boxes were signed, not the books... We're correcting that by offering a special PSYCHO FRANK EDITION MANIAC #1, Signed and Numbered on the books themselves for this set only, and it comes with this awesome new cover featuring Pat Carbajal's sleeve cover pencils!

We've been doing these cool insert sleeves in our Psycho books for a couple of years now, and they really make 'em special. You can leave the insert cover on and keep the book in the shrink wrap, or open that sucker and frame the print.  Either way, you win!  ONLY 100 OF THESE LIMITED EDITIONS HAVE BEEN MADE, same as the Sketchbook edition.  these are literally the rarest, most collectible comic book extras on the market today, so don't sleep!  Make sure your there first!

Here's a closer look at the SKETCHBOOK EDITION, which I designed:

And hers' a more detailed rundown on the limited PSYCHO FRANK MANIAC #1:

So mark those calendars.  It all goes on sale one week from today, on Friday September 4th at 7PM Pacific!  



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