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The Beyond Retail Editions On Sale THIS FRIDAY!

The Beyond #1 RETAIL EDITIONS were created to tackle the never ending demand we get from stores. These new retail editions of The Beyond #1 have ISBN Barcodes and are ready to add to inventories and comic store shelves! Hell yes! And we have a SPECIAL RETAILER DEAL for stores too. But we also offer them to YOU our most cherished on-line fans in the Standard, Signed and Psycho Editions you are accustomed to. 

So lets go over all the different options so all your questions are answered and you guys are good and ready for this weekend's MAMMOTH pre-order! 

First we have the Special Retailer Deal. If you have a store, on-line shop, specialty store, weed store, ebay store, etsy shop, amazon store, or even if you're just a collector and want to horde the hell out of these for a rainy day... This is for YOU! You get 13 copies of The Beyond Issue #1 for $55.00 Post Paid within the USA! That is a MOST KILLER deal folks and to sweeten that hard candy, one of your 13 books is a signed and numbered variant that comes poly-bagged and boarded with a special backing board featuring preview art by Jeff Zornow! This is a rare and exclusive custom printed backing board sneak peeking our upcoming series Escape From The Beyond! Check out how sexy this all is. These will fly off your fucking shelves like they have WINGS. Do not hesitate. 

If you've been with us since birth, then you know whats next.... Our Psycho Fan Package and goddamn its gonna make you WET! You get FOUR copies of The Beyond Issue #1 and THREE of them are ALL NEW VARIANTS by the Master Pat Carbajal and colorist extraordinaire Bruna Costa! All your books come signed and numbered by hand by writer Stephen Romano! And that ain't all, we also give you FOUR Trading Cards, and a boss 11x17 Poster with this issue's main cover art! Plus all FOUR of your comics also include this issue's Eibon Brochure featuring special liner notes by Executive Publisher Shawn Lewis. ALL comics in this set are poly-bagged and boarded with custom printed Escape From The Beyond preview art by Jeff Zornow! And our final BONUS for this package, a special surprise Lucio Fulci Soundtrack CD! We can't talk about it because it's a surprise, but trust us, your minds will be BLOWN.

We would like to remind you all that these variants ARE NOT print-on-demand garbage; they are printed on the same high-tech offset presses all our regular comics come off of. They ROCK. And in ten years, they'll be some of the most valuable collector's comics out there! Check it all out and weep with excitement: 

If the Psycho Package is too rich for your blood but you still want a signed comic for your collection...well step right up and feast your eyes on our Signature Edition! Your Beyond #1 comic will come signed and numbered by hand by author Stephen Romano. Poly-bagged with TWO Exclusive Trading Cards, this issue's Eibon Brochure featuring new liner notes by Executive Publisher Shawn Lewis, and a Custom Printed Backing Board featuring a preview of upcoming series ESCAPE FROM THE BEYOND with art by Jeff ZornowWe ship this edition in Sturdy Stay Flat Mailers to insure they arrive in MINT condition and we are also offering a special reduced shipping rate within the USA, so come and get it!

And finally we have our bare bones Standard Edition. In this edition you just get the comic, no extras, no brochure, nada. Just the comic itself, but for a LOW price and special reduced shipping within the USA too! We ship them in Sturdy Stay Flat Mailers to insure they arrive in MINT condition! These make awesome gifts too, surprise that special Lucio Fulci fan in your life. Hanukkah is right around the corner! 

Well thats the lowdown folks. Be in the store THIS FRIDAY at 7pm Pacific and have that credit card ready. Some of these Editions are expected to sell out rather quickly, don't miss out. Until then, check out some sample pages from this issue: 

Hope to see you all in the store THIS WEEKEND!

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