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The Beyond Issue #1 Cover Revealed! Plus More NEWS On Pre-Orders And MORE!

Hey kids Shawn here with some Eibon News! 

First up, we are still waiting on our House By The Cemetery Issue #3 comics shipment from China, the boat is a little late but they should be in next week. The House By The Cemetery Trade Paperbacks and art prints are in however and Vince Locke is signing them right now! I will keep everyone up to date here and on our social media pages of course, stay tuned they will be shipping soon! We still have some left, reserve your copy NOW! 

In other news our Gates Of Hell Trade Paperbacks are still available but moving quickly, we have less than 20 Psycho Editions left in the store, its an amazingly rare set and you NEED IT! Do not miss out! Get one NOW

The Beyond is our next series and its going to be the coolest goddamn thing we've done here folks. It will be a 4-Issue series. The first issue is a stunning prequel, detailing the events in 1927 that came just before the horrors of the film! The first Issue goes on sale October 25th, check out Pat Carbajal's cover! 

Fulci Lives! -Shawn

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