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ROADKILL ISSUE #2 Blowing Out! Psycho Editions Almost Gone! Plus BOTTOMFEEDER SALE!

Hey guys Shawn here with a HUGE THANKS to all of our readers that have come out and supported us this weekend! The latest issue of our MANIAC sequel series ROADKILL Issue #2, is blowing out fast! We only have 25 Psycho Editions left and the Signature Editions are getting dangerously low too. Reserve your copy NOW!

And don't forget to take advantage of our BOTTOMFEEDER Full Black BLOW OUT Sale! Thats right, you can pick up the Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK graphic novel (with soundtrack CD included) for only $20.00! What?! That is a huge savings folks! After the weekend the price goes back up to $35.00! GET YOUR COPY NOW! 

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