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Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Now On Sale! 15% OFF Everything! Plus FREE Zombie Poster!

Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK is NOW ON SALE

Get 15% OFF Everything in our store! Deal ends this Monday the 22nd at Midnight! Use Coupon Code BOTTOM19 at check out. $40 minimum purchase! 

BONUS! All orders placed during the sale get this 11x17 Zombie Poster included in your box absolutely FREE!!!


Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK is available in 2 different editions. First up we have our Psycho Fan Box Set! We've gone the extra five or six miles with this bad motherfucker, with tons of special extras, so check it out:
I mean, goddamn, right?
If you're a true Psycho Fan, you know BOTTOMFEEDER was originally supposed to be a movie, and so for the first time, we're letting you have a copy of the ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY that started it all! Only available in this package, only 100 printed! Here's a closer look:
Plus, you get this amazing TRADING CARD SET featuring Pat Carbajal's all new portraits of the entire Bottomfeeder cast! Only 100 sets printed, signed by the creators and sealed in a sturdy slider plastic case!  
ALL ITEMS IN THE FULL BLACK PSYCHO EDITION ARE SIGNED! This is the definitive Bottomfeeder collector's package, guys. It's got the soundtrack CD, with Joe Pilato's dialouge tracks as Joe Angell, and you get new noir Art Prints signed and sealed in a black stickered envelope. Plus a killer Joe Angell Noir Enamel Pin in a black velvet bag, a special Bottomfeeder Monster Art Magnet, also in a black velvet bag (because ain't black velvet backs just so fucking cool?), plus an amazing 11 x 17 Noir Poster... AND TONS OF OTHER REALLY COOL STUFF! Everything comes neatly and carefully packed in our super cool stickered FULL BLACK BOX!  These are very nice, expensive and super sturdy collector's boxes (because DUHHH!) and for ULTIMATE collectibility we're shipping it to ya in a dedicated outer shipping box, so we don't have to stick the address label on your Psycho Fan set.  Everything will be MINT---including the box! And for the first 15 guys who order, you'll get a one-of-a-kind piece of Pat Carbajal's original pen and ink art, right from my own personal physical archive of the pages.  This package is fucking insane, and it's all in glorious BLACK AND WHITE. 
Only 100 Psycho Sets will be available, and only 15 lucky first-comers will get the original art, so set those timers and get there first on FRIDAY JUNE 19th at 7PM PST.
Plus, all the Standard Editions are pretty loaded too.  Check it out:


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