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Eibon Press is not your average comic book company, guys.  What we do is unprecedented, even in the world of indie comics.  This means that the product we create is unlike anything that's ever been done before in terms of high end collectibility and innovative packaging and shipping concepts.  And so when you place that order, what you are getting is a commitment and a gurantee: Our service is second to none and our books will arrive in perfect, MINT condition and blow you away.  But those unfamiliar with our mission may get to that all-important phase of ordering where you tally up the shipping, and you might think it's a bit much. That is, until you get your package and realize how heavy and deluxe our books actually are!  If you are new to Eibon Press, let us explain a bit how this works.
As you can see in the PHOTO ABOVE, we're not kidding about quality and collectiblity.  You get all kinds of cool stuff with even a standard issue.  (Pictured is our MANIAC #1 signature set, with a custom created VHS box!)  And that's to say nothing of the high production standard we uphold for just the comics themselves.  Eibon Press comics are 3-4 times heavier than any average book on the market because of the paper weight we use, the card stock covers, the extras included and the cardboard Eibon Sleeves each issue is sealed in. And, also, get a load of this:  Most comic books out there, even the indies, only clock in at around 20-22 pages. Eibon comics always give you more story page, more supplemental pages, and we don't fill our comics with ads, either.  An average Eibon issue is anywhere from 32-60 pages!  And because we also go the extra mile here with packaging and other bells and whistles, that means the books cost more to ship than what you might be use to in the comic world.

Check out our sturdy "no crush mailers" ABOVE.  These are custom manufactured to get our comics to you safely, so that the sleeves and spines don't get crushed or even slightly bent in shipping. These mailers also add weight to each package, unfortunately. As you know, shipping goes by ounces and pounds and your location. It's figured through the USPS mail service and there is no way around this cost. Amazon spoils us all, we understand, but we are not Amazon. Small companies like us are at the mercy of the post office's fees. We do not make a dime from shipping. Another thing you probably aren't aware of is that COMIC BOOKS are one of the only types of printed matter not eligible for the cheaper method of MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING. One of the reasons other companies can offer cheap or even free shipping on books and Blu-rays is because of Media Mail.  We simply aren't allowed to do that because we're comic books!  It's stupid and it sucks, but they make these silly rules.
So yes, shipping is a bit high, but for a reason.  We recommend ordering several books and/or products at a time to minimize shipping costs.  (Orders of three or more books usually get packed inside a flat rate Priority Mailer and the shipping cost averages 13 bucks. Break that down per book and it's actually a little cheaper than Amazon minimum shipping!)   Eibon comics are really high end collectors items and we do exactly what is needed to get them to you without damage. Take a look at our social media pages and you will find hundreds of testimonials from satisfied readers and fans who are NEVER disappointed with our products or the shipping. Everything always arrives in great shape.  Everything is always high end.  And our customer service is second to none.  If there's ever a problem with an order, we take care of it.  This publishing company was created BY fans FOR fans, and we want you to know we're working hard, every single day, to get this stuff out to you in MINT CONDITION.  Thanks!