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The Beyond Issue #1 Pre-Orders begin Friday September 24th At 7pm Pacific!

We're re-issuing our back catalogue a little at a time in special RETAIL EDITIONS, which will be priced and barcoded to stock in comic stores and online outlets!  In the past, our comics have only been available for sale here at this website, and have always been completely off the radar of traditional publishing platforms.  Our books don't even usually have ISBN numbers because we've always wanted to keep this party intimate.  But because we've had so much demand from comic shops and because we just think it's fun and fair to give you guys as many options as possible when it comes to purchasing our books, we've developed a new "magazine rack" format for our comics that we think is really cool.

These new editions have NO Eibon Sleeve, and are printed on a different interior and cover stock, making them more "traditional" like the comics you usually see in stores.  But we've not sacrificed any of the amazing high gloss quality you've come to expect from us.  These books still rock!  But they are less expensive, and we're offering a great bundle deal for comic retailers, with a nice discount and even free shipping to your store!  Plus, our regular fans can order direct from us, with all the bells and whistles you usually expect, such as super limited variant covers, signature editions and trading cards. Check out how it breaks down:

The Beyond Issue #1 Pre-Orders begin Friday September 24th At 7pm Pacific!

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