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Our long-running series of critically-acclaimed comics and graphic novels based on the outrageous horror films of Italian director Lucio Fulci will blow your eyes out and feed them to you!  (CLICK HERE to check them out!

LUCIO FULCI'S ZOMBIE 1-8 chronicles the events of the classic 1981 film, with an additional sequel story that goes beyond madness, featuring SHARK VS. ZOMBIE, EYEBALL VS SPLINTER and the outright insanity of ZOMBIE VS. APE and FULCI'S INFERNO, in which the entire Deuce of 42nd Street circa 1979 gets torched in a fire-soaked into a zombie apocalypse!

Our SAGA OF THE 7 GATES adapts Fulci's most famous horror trilogy CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (THE GATES OF HELL), HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and THE BEYOND into an epic 13-part tale of zombies, madness and nightmares!

And our upcoming NEW YORK RIPPER one-shot delves deep into the mind of the most blood-thirsty serial killer of the 80s.  BUT BE WARNED.  These comic books are NOT for the squeamish.  We mean it.

Lavishly produced and with all reverence for the Italian Master of Terror, FULCI COMICS have to be seen to be believed, featuring top notch artists such as PAT CARBAJAL (ZOMBIE), DEREK ROOK (GORE SHRIEK) and the legendary VINCE LOCKE (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE).  Check 'em out in our store now!