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LUCIO FULCI'S ZOMBIE ISSUE #5: Trading Card Inferno Edition! - Unsigned


ZOMBIE ISSUE #5: Trading Card Inferno Edition! - Unsigned

Here's what you get:


Beautiful full-color 36 page comic book with highest quality printing and paper!  This issue marks the beginning of an ALL-NEW SEQUEL COMIC SERIES, that is the official, authorized continuation of the the classic film! 

Written by Stephen Romano with art by Pat Carbajal. Colors by Fatboy!

Sealed and stickered by hand in shrink-wrap in our special variant cover Eibon Sleeve! With incredible cover art by KYLE HOTZ and JASON MOORE, superstar artists of EVIL ERNIE, BATMAN, THE PUNISHER and DOCTOR STRANGE!!!!

Trading Card Inferno Edition also contains the following awesome special features:

- 2 SUPER RARE BLACK AND WHITE CHASE TRADING CARDS, not avialable in any other edition, featuring the original uncolored art of ZOMBIE #5 by Pat Carbajal

- 2 standard full color TRADING CARDS.  (You get FOUR TRADING CARDS in total!)

- Bonus full color ZOMBIE WORMEYE STICKER, featuring the Hotz/Moore cover art!

- Limited edition VHS Comics COLLECTOR'S BOOKMARK! Double-sided, featuring full color stunning artwork from the upcoming LASERBLAST series!

- Full color CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY BOOKLET, containing all-new art and a PREVIEW of the upcoming VHS COMICS series MANIAC!

Special bonus surprises randomly inserted throughout all 1,000 copies! Only a few lucky fans will get these special little extras. They range from limited edition signature bookmarks to rare collectible art cards, signed by the creators of Fulci Comics.

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