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The Beyond Issue #1 RETAIL EDITION - Psycho Fan Package - Only 100 Sets!


The Beyond Issue #1 RETAIL EDITION - Psycho Fan Package - Only 100 Sets!

Psycho Fans get The Beyond Issue #1 MOTHERLOAD! BE a Psycho Fan!

What you get:

You get FOUR Beyond #1 comics and THREE ALL NEW VARIANT COVERS! And NEW back covers and interior covers too! Limited to just 150 copies printed!  ALL comics are signed and numbered by hand by author Stephen Romano!  They all come Poly-bagged with special ESCAPE FROM THE BEYOND preview Backing Boards featuring art by Jeff Zornow! Plus we're throwing in some other swell things, like 5 trading cards, a sweet 11x17 POSTER and all FOUR books also come with this issue's Eibon Brochure featuring new liner notes by Executive Publisher Shawn Lewis. 

*Plus includes a special FREE bonus CD!*

*A RARE LUCIO FULCI SOUNDTRACK CD that will blow your mind! We found 100 of these old soundtrack CD's in our warehouse from an old release over 20 years ago! These are super rare, not available anywhere else and included for FREE in your Psycho Fan Package! We can't tell you which Fulci film this is a soundtrack for, but we promise it's a MAJOR ONE, and it's the best-sounding official release version of the score, with bonus tracks and lots more! You don't want to miss this one. 

Notes about our stellar quality:

KEEP IN MIND these variants ARE NOT print-on-demand garbage; they are printed on the same high-tech offset presses all our regular sleeved comics come off of. They ROCK. And in ten years, they'll be some of the most valuable collector's comics out there!

Comic Stores are encouraged to head over to our BEYOND RETAILER SPECIAL PAGE! You can get 13 copies of The Beyond #1 for $55 Post Paid in the USA!

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. It won't ship for about 8-9 weeks. To keep updated on pre-order ship dates follow our social media pages and/or SUBSCRIBE to our Email Newsletter. 


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