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Bottomfeeder Un-Sleeved Collection. All Three Issues! Factory Damaged. No Sleeves, no extras. Just comics


Get ALL Three issues of Bottomfeeder in this set, the complete series, slight factory damage, but in good condition. No Sleeves No Extras, Just the comics. Details Below: 

As most of you know we hand assemble our comics in our Eibon Sleeves and do all the shrink wrapping here in our shop. While we are packaging them up, if any comic isn't perfect we don't sleeve it, there's always a certain number that get dinged at the factory or in transit to us, we just put them aside and offer them later at discount prices. 

We put together these complete Bottomfeeder sets using these imperfect copies. With your purchase you get all three issues of Bottomfeeder together in a set, no sleeves, no extras, just all three comics.

They are $15 per set plus shipping. Keep in mind our Bottomfeeder comics are THICK 60 page double issues. This is a GREAT low price. 

The damage is primarily but not limited to corner dings and minor dog-earring. Most of the damage is barely noticeable. Comics are sold AS IS. 

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