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Bottomfeeder Issue #2 Signature Soundtrack CD Edition!


Bottomfeeder #2 Signature Soundtrack CD Edition! - Only 300 Copies!

CLICK HERE and read Dread Central's Bottomfeeder Series REVIEW!!!


Here's what you get:

Bottomfeeder Issue #2:

Beautiful full-color 60 page DOUBLE ISSUE comic book with highest quality printing and paper!  

Written by Stephen Romano with art by Pat Carbajal. Colors by Javi Laparra! Cover colors by Fatboy

Sealed and stickered by hand in shrink-wrap in our special variant cover Eibon Sleeve! With incredible cover art by Pat Carbajal and colors by Fatboy

1 limited edition Bottomfeeder Trading Card only available in this edition. 

- 1 full color Bottomfeeder Sticker only available in this edition. 

1 Bottomfeeder double sided art print signed by writer Joseph Melendez Jr! Featuring the original black and white cover art by Pat Carbajal. 

- 1 Original Bottomfeeder Soundtrack CD! Music written and performed by Dave Neabore! Full color CD jacket by Pat Carbajal with colors by Fatboy.

- Full color CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY Brochure, containing all-new art and a PREVIEW of the next issue of Bottomfeeder!

- All 300 books are signed and numbered on the back of the comic by writer Shawn Lewis. Shawn even signed the outside wrap sticker. Because he cares. 

- PLUS we're throwing in an EXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISE, just for you soundtrack lovers out there!

Higher shipping rates for Bottomfeeder

ALL Bottomfeeder comics are 60-Page Double Issues, they are twice as big as our other comics, and weigh twice as much as our other titles so shipping will be higher for this title. USA customers, you can still get one copy of Bottomfeeder shipped 1st Class but two or more copies are too heavy for 1st Class shipping and will go Priority Mail.

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