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Bottomfeeder #3 Psycho Fan 4-Comic Personalized Set


Bottomfeeder #3 Psycho Fan 4-Comic Personalized Set - Only 100 Copies!

CLICK HERE and read Dread Central's Bottomfeeder Series REVIEW!!!

Personally autographed to the name your order is under. If you have a different name request or a custom inscription you'd like, let us know AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER


In this awesome set you get FOUR Comics and a TON of other cool stuff. Please read carefully and see all the pics below for all the gory details:

-Your First Comic: You get the 60 page 3-Poster Signature Edition with an awesome variant Front and Back cover signed, numbered and personalized! Only 100 of these variant cover editions were printed and they are rare as hell. Each is personally autographed to the name of your choice on the books themselves by co-writer Shawn Lewis. All extras including 3-mini fold out posters are SEALED inside your comic sleeve. See images below. 

-Your Second Comic: You get the 60 page Standard Edition. But since this is the Psycho set it also comes signed and numbered on the comic itself by co-writer Shawn Lewis! And of course ALL the extras from this edition including 3 MORE of the mini posters are SEALED inside comic sleeve!  See images below.

-Your Third Comic: is our Book Of Eibon Issue #1. SIGNED. This was our preview comic and features the very first articles and stories on Bottomfeeder! These have never been available on our site, they are super rare must owns! 

-Your Fourth Comic: is the Book Of Eibon Issue #2. SIGNED. Features the very first articles and stories on Bottomfeeder. Never before available on our site. Rare! A MUST OWN for Bottomfeeder completists! 

-Blue Magic Gag-Baggie: Joe Angell’s “drug” of choice in a super cool SEALED collectors package you can’t get anywhere else!  (It's not really a drug, guys, but it sure looks cool, alongside your other cool "psycho Fan" stuff!") Comes attached to a cool collector's card, featuring art from the final issue. Only 100 hand-made by Shawn himself!

-Retro Audio Cassette Soundtrack : Bottomfeeder soundtrack audio cassette with Dave Neabore’s complete score and Joe Pilato’s dialog!  This is the ONLY complete edition of ALL our soundtrack stuff, the amazing music and the incredible audio comics clips, originally offered in the now-sold-out issue #1 download card. Plus it's INCREDIBLY RARE, Only 100 made!

-Psycho Edition ONLY Trading Card signed by writer Joseph Melendez Jr! Only available in this edition!  Only 100 of these were printed, just for the die hards!

- Special Dedication Card only available in this edition! 

-Psycho Fan Checklist Card, only available in this edition!

REMEMBER, IN OUR PSYCHO FAN PACKAGES, YOU GET EVERYTHING FROM EVERY OTHER EDITION: All the trading cards, brochures and stickers and other extras from both the signature and standard editions including 6 of the Mini Posters! See images below for all details.

(All Psycho Fan sets are personally autographed to the purchaser unless otherwise requested at the time of purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Only purchase if you are a serious Psycho Fan. Please allow an extra week for delivery, these are signed, personalized, assembled, shrink wrapped and stickered by hand.)

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