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See that, kids?

It's the incredible new EIBON SLEEVE from the official first release at the all-new Eibon Press, under the banner of Vinegar Syndrome Publishing!

It's on sale NOW at this link HERE.

This is Stephen Romano, editor and co-founder, with a long-overdue update on all things Eibon, as we move into the wild new future. I'm gonna take a few minutes to address some room-elephants and answer some nagging questions many of you have had, since the merger was announced earlier this year. To begin with, the short version is very simple: We Have Been Really, Really Busy. What have we been busy WITH? Well, a lot. We know many of you have been frustrated by our lack of news and communication, not to mention our near-complete absence on social media... but it's all been for a reason. MANY reasons. The IMAGE YOU SEE ABOVE is just one of them.

As creative director and editor of the new Eibon Press under VSP, my job has been to organize a new version of everything and we've spent the past six months in brutal R&D on building a better mousetrap. That means finding new vendors for manufacturing, new concepts for packaging, licensing and distribution... and tons of NEW BOOKS.  The first tangible result of this is the first-ever BOX SET COLLECTION of an Eibon Press comic book series. It takes our concept of presenting single issue comics in spectacular ways to a whole new level. You'll get the first four-issue story cycle of LUCIO FULCI'S ZOMBIE, in all-new editions with new covers and sleeves, with all the trimmings you've come to expect, all of it BRAND NEW, in an incredible TWO PART INTERLOCKING COLLECTOR'S CASE we designed ourselves and which has to be seen to be fucking believed.  So see it:

Hot damn, right? Those specs are insane, kids, and THIS IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW AT VINEGAR SYNDROME. Get over there and get one because they are limited and they will sell FAST.

This is the FIRST in a series of lavish releases, which are not simply reprints of all our old stuff, but complete reimaginings of the entire presentation, re-branded, re-designed, and with all new content as well. The ZOMBIE BOX SET has 50 new pages, all new covers and so much more.  I have personally supervised, designed and edited every phase of this, just like in the old days.


When you order from the new Vinegar Syndrome Publishing section at their website HERE, you can be sure your order will be shipped on time and affordably. (Hell, if you order enough stuff, we'll even throw the shipping in for FREE!) Our biggest problem in the old days was late orders and high postal rates, because we were a small operation. That is no longer the case under VSP. Every time you click that ADD TO CART button, from now until doomsday, it will be cheap and FAST... and you'll be getting the DEFINITIVE version of all these books too. And a bunch of NEW STUFF is coming. Hot damn, right? It has taken a LONG TIME to set all this up, but we are finally sputtering to life, and I can even share an exclusive new drop of what's NEXT. 



See that?  It's the brand-new Eibon Sleeve for MANIAC #1, which is part of the box set, which contains all three issues (all rebranded in new sleeves) and a TON of extras, including an exclusive-to-the-set "making of" issue, also sleeved with extras. Check out just some of what you'll be getting:

This is actually the WORLD PREMIERE DIRECTOR'S CUT of our original MANIAC series, with all new story pages that expand the whole thing with more insanity and more gore... and MANIAC 2 is coming as well!  Some of you may know that MANIAC 2 was never even finished, so you'll get to see ISSUE #4 for the first time anywhere, ever!  This was a very special issue that Pat and I worked for months to create and was tragically shelved in 2022. But now you'll experience it in all its gory glory. It's an incredible work of dark over-the-top madness that exists on a whole new level of Eibon Press art and storytelling. We can't wait to show it to you.

And both the MANIAC and MANIAC 2 ROADKILL single issue box sets will be in the same TWO PART INTERLOCKING COLLECTOR'S CASE. Double damn, eh?  Let's take a closer look at that sucker, shall we?

The hard outer case looks like this. It's super durable and UV spot printed, with a fine glossy coating that highlights logos and art. The UV here highlights Mike Broom's legendary ZOMBIE poster painting, which is actually signed in blood by Mike himself, and presented without logos or typography! (Except for Mike's signature, of course.)

But when you crack open the case, it reveals the INNER BOX, which houses all four Eibon-sleeeve issues, all sealed and stickered the way you know and love our all books to be! The inner box has all new artwork and classic art and is lovingly detailed, with my bloody fingerprints on everything, right down to the smallest line of type.

Creating this was a bitch, by the way... but you'll feel the love and craft when you hold it in your hands. It's just fucking insane, kids.

And, yes, folks, even BOTTOMFEEDER and WASTELAND 1989 will get these lavish box set treatments. We're even doing additional merchandising in conjunction with these titles that will blow your mind. 

Now I hear you. "What if I don't WANT to buy the whole thing as a box set? I'm scared of box sets! Can't I just buy ONE ISSUE and see if I like it? Better yet, screw the Eibon Sleeve and let me just have the comic with no extras at all!"

We can do that too.  You'll soon be able to order individual Eibon-Sleeved editions and single issue RETAIL EDITIONS, un-sleeved on EVERY. SINGLE. TITLE!  (And starting with the MANIAC issues, the retail editions will even have alternate covers!)  This is part of the BIG CHANGE at Eibon. FREE SHIPPING. NEW EDITIONS.  MORE PURCHASE OPTIONS. We were listening when you demanded all this in the old days, but we've just now been able to do it because of the amazing guys at VSP.

But hey... if you "cheap out" and don't get our special editions, you'll really be depriving yourself of some fun stuff. Our brochures have evolved into a full-on newsletter with bonus comics, guest essays and exclusive interviews by awesome guys like Chris Alexander and more... and our trading cards are incredible now, with all new art, making them truly special. (And collectible.)

We'll be re-issuing THE BEYOND and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY this way, as well as ZOMBIE 2: FULCI'S INFERNO, all with crazy new extras, trading cards, soundtracks, marriage proposals and MORE! 

And what about the future beyond these rereleases?

Glad you asked!

There are MANY new projects cooking, both licensed properties and ALL NEW ORIGINAL STUFF that spans genres, from hardcore sci-fi with mutants and ray guns to street-smart blaxploitation revenge and girls-in-chains yarns, all the way back to the vicious, unflinching blood-horror you expect from your nutty pals at Eibon. And can you say BOTTOMFEEDER 2, kids? I think you can.

We're working on an insane sequel to the THE NEW YORK RIPPER, which we announced several years ago but were never able to do until just now. It's fucking CRAZY and coming your way in 2024.

There are TWO new series in the works, based on VERY popular Vinegar Syndrome films. One of them is a classic 80s horror, the other an absolutely berserk exploitation epic I've wanted to do ever since I saw the film as a kid. Not telling what it is just yet, but if you boogie over to my website, there's a long, rambling blog about all this that sneaks some peeks from not only that, but some of the original stuff I'm so excited about.

The thing I'm probably MOST jacked up on is an original project Shawn and I brainstormed years ago, which was to be our follow-up to BOTTOMFEEDER. It's the blaxploitation thing I mentioned before, and is truly next-level for us, a deep and layered tale of punishment, revenge and blood. We just signed a great new cover artist to do some work on that series and you'll be seeing it soon!

Also, you may be wondering what the future of this website is, since our products are all moving over to Vinegar. Well, that's gonna be a fun thing too. will evolve as we go into a hub for the comics division, a place for blogs, previews and exclusive news and drops, separate from the mail-order division. We hope to build this web address into a fun destination and a safe place for crazies like us. Keep watching as the year rolls out and next year begins. We'll keep you posted.

One last thing I'd like to mention briefly. I've been getting a lot of emails from authors and artists, since it was announced I was the creative director of Vinegar Syndrome Publishing. But that announcement was slightly misleading. (Even I was uncertain of what my duties were in the beginning!) What I am in charge of as editor and creative director is the COMICS AND GRAPHIC NOVEL division of VSP, which is still called Eibon Press. (Obviously.) I am NOT in charge of other things being done there, like the novelizations, art books and such. I don't have a thing to do with any of that.  I am focused entirely on making Eibon into the juggernaut it always wanted to be, refining our process, working with new artists (and all our old ones too), setting new bars and making the BEST DAMN COMICS IN THE HISTORY OF COMICS. And for as long as I can take it without cracking up, I will write, edit and letter every damn title we do. 

As we move forward I will not be able to write everything, of course. We just have too much planned. So that will evolve too. It's what the new Eibon is all about. Finding new horizons. Making great stuff. Moving forward. The future is a crazy place and it's where we're gonna spend the rest of our lives.

It all starts NOW, right HERE, with ZOMBIE.

Come get some, kids!