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Maniac 2: ROADKILL Issue #2 NOW ON SALE!


Eibon Press is proud to unleash the second issue of our critically acclaimed MANIAC sequel series! ROADKILL ISSUE #2 is 40 pages of intense maniacal mayhem written by Stephen Romano and Pat Carbajal with art by Pat Carbajal. Colors by Matheus Huve and Bruna Costa.

ROADKILL ISSUE #2 is available in three spectacular editions! First up we have our world motherfucking famous Psycho Edition, its limited to just 100 sets and HOLY SHIT look at it! Your books come SIGNED, NUMBERED and Personalized! You get FOUR Blood Soaked Books! The Ladies Of Maniac art print set! A Maniac Portfolio set! Niki Crypt art set! Trading card set! An 11 x 17 Poster and MORE! You NEED this set! 

Next up is our Signature Edition. Only 300 sets available! Your 40 page ROADKILL #2 comic comes Signed and Numbered and sealed in one of our EIBON SLEEVES. Plus you get an exclusive trading card and Niki Crypt signature print! 

And finally we have our Standard Edition! Your 40 page ROADKILL #2 comic comes sealed in our EIBON SLEEVE. Plus you get an exclusive trading card only available in this edition!