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Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Psycho Edition! Full Black Box Set Signed And Numbered With 30 Amazing Collectible Pieces! Less Than 5 Sets Left!



The Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Psycho Fan Package:

Only 100 sets available!  (less than 5 sets left!) 

This Black Box Psycho Set is out of fucking control kids! Its the biggest and greatest Psycho Fan Set in our history! Even the box it comes in is a collectible!

Here's everything you get:

-Original Bottomfeeder Panel: An actual original panel of Pat Carbajal's Bottomfeeder art! Each panel is a one of a kind collector's item. Only 15 panels available! You gotta be one of the first 15 sold to have this included in your box! Get your order in FAST.

-The Full Black Collector's Box: These are similar to our standard shipping boxes but they are bigger, sturdier, black, glossy, and they feature a cool tab locking closure so we don't have to tape them shut. They also come with a sweet Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Sticker on the outside of the box. And for ultimate collectibility, we will also use an outer box or wrap when shipping so we don't have to stick your address label directly on these boxes! The FULL BLACK BOX is only available in this edition. 

-Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Graphic Novel:mind-blowing new look for the Bottomfeeder series: 172 pages of sheer terror and excess, in stunning black and white, with all-new gray tones that capture the mood and feel of a true film noir. And of course this trade paperback is done up "Eibon Style" with highest end printing and paper stocks. And each one comes signed, numbered, sealed and sticker'd in one of our amazing Eibon Sleeves! Art by Pat Carbajal with new grayscale colors by Fatboy. Written by Stephen Romano, from a story by Shawn Lewis and Joseph Melendez Jr! Limited pressing, only 100 Psycho copies available! 

-Bottomfeeder Soundtrack CD: New pressing of Dave Neabore's Bottomfeeder Comic Soundtrack with dialog bonus tracks by Joe Pilato a Lieutenant Joe Angell! Sealed inside the Eibon Sleeve with your book!

-Bottomfeeder Full Black Brochure: Our standard Eibon brochure with cool behind the scenes stuff and liner notes! Bottomfeeder artist Pat Carbajal does the liner notes for the first time! Sealed inside the Eibon Sleeeve with your book.

-Bottomfeeder Original Screenplay: The shooting script that started it all! This is a great collector's item kids, an awesome 6x9 trade paper edition of the actual film script the comic was based on! With notes on how the script evolved into the comic series. Plus rare photos! Signed by the creators! Only 100 of these printed, only available in this edition. 

-Bottomfeeder Portrait Trading Card Set: Newly commissioned portraits of the entire Bottomfeeder cast by Pat Carbajal! These 11 card sets come signed, numbered, sealed in a plastic slider case and shrink wrapped. Only 100 sets made, only available in this edition.

-11x17 Bottomfeeder Full Black Poster: Amazing new poster featuring the Eibon Sleeve art for this release. Art by Pat Carbajal with grayscale colors by Fatboy. See pics for details. Signed by the creators! Only 100 posters printed, only available in this edition. 

-Bottomfeeder Full Black Art Cards: 6 art cards sealed in a black-sticker'd envelope and signed by the creators! 100 sets printed. Only available in this edition.

-Bottomfeeder Full Black Art Magnet: Limited edition magnet featuring new art by Pat Carbajal. Magnets come neatly packed in a black velvet bag! Only 100 made, only available in this edition. 

-Lieutenant Joe Angell Noir Enamel Pin: Awesome new "say something in French" enamel pin. Soft enamel, 1.75 inches tall and they come carefully packed inside a black velvet bag! Only 100 made, only available in this edition. 

-Joe Pilato Dedication Art Print: New art print by Pat Carbajal with a memorial to our friend Joe. Signed! Only 100 printed, only available in this edition. 

-Bottomfeeder Full Black Check List Card: A cool check list card for this set

Order your copy TODAY and own a piece of comic book history!


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