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Zombie Issue #8 On sale THIS FRIDAY! House Issue #2 Shipping NEXT WEEK!


House By The Cemetery Issue #2 begins shipping NEXT WEEK!

Thats right kids Zombie Issue #8 is almost here, our Zombie sequel story is finally coming to and end! The final issue goes on sale this Friday July 26th at 7pm Pacific.

The finale really ends with a BANG, Pat Carbajal and Stephen Romano knocked it out of the stratosphere! It's a 44 page double issue and we have 4 different editions priced for every budget. 

First up is our Psycho Fan Edition, limited to just 100 Copies! In this edition you get FOUR BOOKS! Yes FOUR copies of Issue #8 including a 150 page Script Book, and awesome variant covers by Puis Calzada and Pat Carbajal and so much more. The books themselves are SIGNED and NUMBERED by Stephen Romano and Shawn Lewis and the Psycho Fan cover comes personalized! Its jam packed with Fulci Lives Awesomeness, check it out: 

Next up we have our Signature Edition, limited to just 300 copies! Each copy is signed and numbered on the books themselves by writer/creator Stephen Romano! In this edition you also get TWO Exclusive trading cards and an exclusive bookmark only available in this edition! 

Next we have our Standard Edition! In this edition you get an exclusive trading card and bookmark! 

And finally we have our Un-Sleeved Edition! No extras with this one, no Eibon Sleeve, BUT you get an awesome variant cover by Pat Carbajal! 

In other news, all the extras and books for House By The Cemetery Issue #2 are now in our shop and everything came out BEAUTIFUL! Assembly begins this weekend and we are busting ass to get them shipped quickly. We will keep you posted here and on our social media pages but you will be seeing tracking emails very soon! Check out some pics! Shipping begins NEXT WEEK! 

See you in the store THIS Friday July 26th at 7PM Pacific. 


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