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24 Hour Valentines Day Sale! Beyond #2 and #3 Sneak Peeks and Wasteland 1989 #2 NEWS!

Hi, kids!  Stephen Romano here, with an official EIBON PRESS VALENTINE'S DAY update and were giving you guys a quick little sale in the name of Saint Valentine, patron god of greeting cards and heart-shaped candy boxes the world over. For the next 24 hours you can use Coupon Code VAL20 at check out and get 15% OFF everything in our store! Minimum purchase of $15.00. Sale will end at Friday at MIDNIGHT! We have some fun surprises in this update, so be sure to hang in there until the end. You'll be glad you did.

THE BEYOND is our best Fulci series yet and you'll be blown away by the second issue.  Shawn thinks it's even better than the first. And just to tide you over until shipping, here's a few MORE PREVIEW PAGES to chew on . . .

We're in our FOURTH YEAR of operations at Eibon Press, kids, and it hasn't always been easy. More than ever, we rely on pre-order dollars these days to keep the lights on. Your hard-earned cash literally paid for the production of BEYOND #2 and #3, with the money going directly into our artists’ pockets, and to our printers, both foreign and domestic. Those of you who show up for every single pre-order weekend and make that cashflow happen are the reason why we can continue to do these things and why you get to keep reading the finest independently produced comic books on the market today. At the same time, we don't believe in things like Patreon or Kickstarter. Your money should not be parceled out into "rewards" and/or to pay for listings on those websites. WE believe you should get what you pay for . . . even if it takes a little bit longer to get to you. Doing it this way is filled with hard work and insanely sleepless nights . . .but on those dark days when it looks like we might have to finally close our doors, you guys always have our backs. Our comics almost always come really close to selling out, with usually just a few hundred of each issue left, others completely gone. That always blows our minds, how many amazing supporters of high-end, personally created comic art are out there. And the vocal support we get from you is always very welcome. Keep doing that. Please. Let the world know. It makes all the difference when you post a video or pics or just a kind remark. It doesn’t just spread the word. it keeps us going. Because I am the moody doomsayer of this company, I'm always the one who asks Shawn every few months: "Does it make sense to keep doing all this?" You know what his answer is, every single time?

"Who else is gonna do it, Steve?"

He's right. Nobody does what we do. Period. And we'll KEEP doing it, if you keep showing up for it.

Okay, so . . . what’s coming up? Glad you asked.

Pat Carbajal is already hard at work on THE BEYOND #3. Because you paid him to do it.  So, since you are his employers, here's a look at what he's up to. TWO SAMPLE PAGES, just for you guys, direct from his drawing board. Check 'em out!

The Beyond Issue #3 pre-orders in April, after WASTELAND #2 in March Here's a look at some pages from that amazing book, which takes the invincible Janet of the Apocalypse on a wild trip through MURDER CITY STUDIOS, where the insane film director JIM THE WORLD'S GREATEST aspires to make death into art, in a series of slasher films where the onscreen hack-and-slash action is one hundred percent real. What does Janet think about all this? Well, let's just say she's right in the middle of it all, and it ain’t pretty, kids!

Okay, now . . . our release schedule for this year.

Currently the plan is to follow up WASTELAND #2 in MARCH, then THE BEYOND #3 in APRIL and WASTELAND #3 in MAY. And then we wrap up THE BEYOND in July, ending a 20 year plus dream quest at Eibon Press.

In AUGUST we'll be rolling out WASTELAND 1989 #4: DEMOLITION RUN.  It's our epic FURY ROAD style issue and you won't wanna miss it!

After that, Janet takes a break as we bring out our super-badass long-awaited HALLOWEEN RELEASE, which is . . .

MANIAC 2: ROADKILL issue #1! 

This is the epic sequel to our first infamous series starring Joe Spinell as Frank Zito. The first series set a high water mark at Eibon Press for sheer audacity and cruelness. I wasn’t sure we could top that, but I can tell you with absolutely ZERO reservation that you will NOT fucking believe what happens NEXT. It’s one of the bloodiest, most twisted things ever seen. A deep dive into bad guys-versus-the-bad guys territory.  (Dave Schow would be proud.)  Our pre-order date for that is the 30th of OCTOBER, JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!!  It's the first of a three issue limited series and we'll be rolling out more issues in 2021. Again, you will NOT be sorry you waited for this. It’s gonna blow your mind all over the road.

And then guess what?

It's the long-awaited and much-requested continuation of LASERBLAST!  We’ve had a LOT going on since 2017, when the first issue came out . . . but, now, more than three years later, you’ll get the next amazing installment of our batshit crazy adaption of the classic Charlie Band film. That will be the first issue of our epic two-part finale of the series! That's right, kids! You screamed for it and we listened.The kid with the raygun will be BACK . . . and it will be our big BLACK FRIDAY release in NOVEMBER.

Plus, we'll have a few other surprises for BLACK FRIDAY, too.  To be announced.  You'll love it!

Getting into 2021, we'll be finishing up LASERBLAST and MANIAC and bringing out the final issue of WASTELAND 1989, which will be another epic BOOK AND RECORD SET. Plus we'll have the also-long-awaited NEW YORK RIPPER one shot . . . and an all-new Fulci series that will blow your mind! I’m having great fun telling the story of Janet of the Apocalypse with Puis Calzada, and my LASERBLAST series has been a lot of fun too.  It’s actually a sequel as well as an adaptation, so you can expect the unexpected!  HAH!

That's the PLAN anyway, kids.  Things may change. The sky may fall. Who knows what could happen. There’s a lot of bad in the world right now. But we’re getting through it together, Eibonites. And I promise that whatever comes, we’ll try our damnedest to keep it real and raw and gory as fucking hell, on the comic page, where all that shit belongs. THANK YOU AGAIN, for making this company happen. There is no Eibon Press without your continued support. It is the honor of our lives to be allowed to do this for you and the work of our careers as storytellers.

Oh, and one last thing, as we're going.  Just for all you BEYOND fans, who will have to wait a bit longer for your Psycho Fan packages.  We have an intriguing new character in the upcoming issue, as part of the expanded mythology.  Here's a sneak peek at what she looks like . . . just to tide you over.

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