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UPDATE! Sneak Peaks! Maniac 2 Roadkill Issue 2! Wasteland #3! Escape From The Beyond!

Hey, kids!  Stephen here!

Whew!  Crazy times, huh?  But we're still out here swinging!  We're doing it for the love of the game, and to bring you comics unlike anything ever made before.  We've got tons of great new stuff headed your way this year, including some SURPRISES we know you're gonna love.  Next week, right here, we're going to be introducing a sexy new member of the Eibon Press family and she's gonna rock your world.  The lady has eyes for miles . . . and she'll be showing up in the next totally insane issue of MANIAC 2: ROADKILL.

She's a very real lady, by the way, and she'll be joining us as our official spokeswoman/social media host, plus she's totally inspired our artists (every damn one of them, even the amazing MONSTERESS SAVAGE) to create a wild new character that will be showing up in our books and in her own comic strip too!  You'll meet our new lady of the night soon . . . (Think Elvira, only punk rock) . . . but for right now, here's an extended sneak preview of that upcoming MANIAC issue, which continues the official sequel story we just started.  (ISSUE #1 NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE TO SHIP IMMEDIATELY HINT HINT!)  Pat Carbajal just finished #2 drawing last week and it's at the colorist now.  Check out his amazing painted cover for #2:

Yep, Frank is having a bad fucking day alright. And that's because we're finally getting to know Frank's new friends in a torture dungeon like you've never seen before . . . and let me yell you, friends, what goes on down there is SUPER extreme.  In fact, this may be the most explicit issue in Eibon Press history.  Even BOTTOMFEEDER didn't go quite as far as what we're up to this time, in terms of sheer perverted excess.  And, believe it or not, what you see below is not even the worst of it. AT ALL.  There's a scene in the new issue that tops everything, and we guarantee you won't want to miss it. 

Issue #2 is still being colored but here's some of Pat Carbajal's amazing inks, check out the family! 


Hot damn, huh?  Just a taste,kids.  Next week, we'll be teasing more . . . and we'll have another SPECIAL SURPRISE coming your way too, as a big thank-you for all the fans who've been loyal to us during this whole ongoing pandemic clusterfuck.  STAY TUNED.

But before MANIAC 2 our NEXT RELEASE will be the long-awaited THIRD ISSUE of WASTELAND 1989, which features the also-long-awaited BOOK AND RECORD AUDIO DRAMATIZATION of issue 2 AND issue 3! 

That's right, those of you who lamented the fact that there was no read-along record on issue 2, we'll you're getting it now!  That's how this will work, kids. An audio CD every other issue.  Five issues in total. Three CDs. And, in the end, the entire saga will have a full audio dramatization!   Anyway, the CD in the upcoming issue is a fucking stone-cold blast.  We've been working on this for almost a year now and it's well over an hour long, with a full cast of actors and insane movie-quality sound design (which I've practically gone deaf producing and editing) and a full original music score!  We'll be sharing some scenes from the audio soon, but for now . . . here's a look at one of the wildest bits in the issue, when Janet Of the Apocalypse and her monster cat go full nuclear postal on some real wasteland scumfucks:


Heh.  Don't mess with Janet's car.  She'll fucking kill you.

The cast of actors really stepped up and delivered great performances, and they performed above and beyond during lockdown.  It's been a challenge producing something so ambitious this past year; but we're hanging in there and DOING IT, and we KNOW you're gonna dig the hell out of it.  It's so in-your-face it'll bast a hole straight through the back of your skull!

Later this year, we'll be debuting ESCAPE FROM BEYOND, our psychotic collaboration with legendary artist Jeff Zornow, as he brings you the official licensed sequel to Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND and the final chapter of the SAGA OF THE 7 GATES.  Here's a look at Jeff's killer design for one of our creepy creatures, known as EUTHANASIA: THE DEATH MONSTER:


You'll meet this guy in issue #1, along with all Seven Sisters of the Beyond--TOGETHER for the first time---including SINDI, the renegade witch-lady who summons the evil spirits of The Beyond:

And check out Jeff's wild take on RUBY STONE, first introduced in GATES OF HELL #1, now a major player in the ongoing finale:

ESCAPE FROM THE BEYOND #1 will be out just in time for Halloween!

And that's not all!  You're gonna wanna hang in there with us, guys, because we've got two more issue of MANIAC and a couple of surprise releases this year that are gonna melt your fucking brain.  Keep it here!  We'll never let you down.  No bullshit.

Oh and one last thing . . . a lot of people have been asking:  WHAT EXACTLY IS GOOF JUICE? 

Well, on MANIAC 2: ROADKILL #2 you're totally gonna find out.

Be VERY afraid . . .

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