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The Beyond Issue #1 EXTRAS Revealed! On sale NEXT FRIDAY! House #3 starts shipping MONDAY!

Hey guys, Shawn here. I am just about done with the House By The Cemetery Issue #3 assembly. Shipping begins THIS MONDAY October 21st, look for tracking numbers soon! Also, I should have the Gates Of Hell Trade Paperbacks in next week too, since those are not sleeved they will ship immediately. I will post news here as soon as I have it.

Now on to The Beyond... 

We are just one week away kids! Thats right, you can order The Beyond Issue #1 NEXT FRIDAY October 25th at 7pm pacific standard time! It will be a 4-Issue series and Issue #1 is a stunning prequel, detailing the events in 1927 that came just before the horrors of the film! Without a doubt, it's the best book we've created here at Eibon Press, you guys are gonna be blown away.

In case you haven't heard, we've got a pretty major extra this time. All copies of The Beyond #1 come with a 7 Doors Of Death Soundtrack CD! Thats right, the long lost alternate score of the American release of THE BEYOND presented in its entirety for the first time! Featuring 14 never before heard tracks! Only 1000 CD's were made and they are not sold separately, you can only get one with your comic purchase. 

This will be our most popular comic since Zombie, and because of the 7 Doors Of Death Soundtrack CD bonus they are expected to move FAST, don't hesitate, be in our store next week you won't want to miss out on these. 

Okay, now its time to see the extras! 

First up, we have our kick-ass Psycho Edition

The Psycho Edition is jam packed this time guys, you get 3 comics, 2 have amazing variant covers, plus you get a really cool 4th alternate cover check list card, a hand screen-printed Beyond t-shirt in the size of your choice (small thru 4XL) featuring art by Chas Balun, and an awesome John and Liza enamel pin created just for you Psychos, you can't get these pins anywhere else! Plus you get 2 copies of the 7 Doors Of Death Soundtrack CD sealed inside your comics, 2 Brochures featuring the Beyond Landscape mini-poster and of course you get ALL THE EXTRAS FROM ALL EDITIONS!

On to the The Signature Edition:

The Signature Edition features 2 exclusive trading cards, an exclusive art print signed by Stephen Romano, our brochure featuring the Beyond Landscape mini-poster, a 7 Doors Of Death Soundtrack CD sealed inside your comic, and your book is also Signed and Numbered by Stephen Romano. 

And finally we have The Standard Edition

The Standard Edition features 2 exclusive trading cards, our brochure featuring the Beyond Landscape mini-poster, and a 7 Doors Of Death Soundtrack CD sealed inside your comic!

Thats a lot of awesome shit huh? We hope to see you all in the store next weekend. Until then, check out some sample tracks from the 7 Doors Of Death Soundtrack CD and please subscribe to our Youtube channel! 

NOTE: Walter Sear has been incorrectly credited as the composer for the 7 Doors Of Death score on Wikipedia and IMDB. Mitch and Ira Yuspeh are the correct composers. We have submitted correct info to Wiki and IMDB, hopefully it will be corrected soon. Unfortunately because Walter Sear was incorrectly listed for several years other sites have copied and used that incorrect info on their pages as well. If you run one of those sites, please update your articles, thanks!

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