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The Beyond Comic Series SNEAK PEEK!

Hey, kids! Check out this all-new exclusive preview teaser for our upcoming Halloween release, which is our long-awaited epic adaptation of the immortal classic Lucio Fulci film THE BEYOND. This will be a 4-Issue series. The first issue is a stunning prequel, detailing the events in 1927 that came just before the horrors of the film proper. It's from the same creative team behind our epic adaptions of Fulci's ZOMBIE and MANIAC VS. THE NEW YORK RIPPER, writer Stephen Romano, Artist Pat Carbajal and colorist Bruna Costa! And it's one of our most shockingly gory yet! You will NOT want to miss this! The first issue, featuring the UNTOLD STORY, drops at the end of OCTOBER, just in time for Halloween!

And don't forget to pick up all three issues of LUCIO FULCI'S HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY too! Order NOW!


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