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The Beyond #1 Retail Editions Shipping Soon! Roadkill Issue #3 NOW ON SALE!

Just a reminder that Roadkill Issue #3 is NOW ON SALE. If you haven't purchased your copy of Issue #3 yet we hope you can do that for us this weekend. We realize with the economy and the insane gas prices things are rough and not everyone can support. BUT keep in mind, for the Eibon Train to continue rolling we need to sell a certain number of books and unfortunately we are falling short of that number. If you've been collecting our books, and loving this series thus far, and you can afford it, please don't hesitate. We can't continue to produce our amazing books unless everyone comes out and supports our art. Without your purchase this all goes away...and that would suck. Let's do our best to keep this going, because who else is gonna do this? Right? 

In other Eibon News all the books and extras for The Beyond #1 Retails Editions have finally arrived here at the Eibon Headquarters (my house lol). We are working on getting them all together now. Stay tuned for more details, shipping SOON!

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