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Hey, kids! Shawn here, with some updates and a SNEAK PEEK at our upcoming BLACK FRIDAY release! The long awaited first issue of MANIAC 2: ROADKILL!  This is the official licensed comic book sequel series to the classic horror film, with an ALL NEW STORY that's gonna blow your mind.  It's got sadistic gore, new crazy characters and we're taking Frank Zito on a road trip massacre you'll never forget!

Check out Pat Carbajal's stunning PAINTED COVER for the first issue right here:

We'll be announcing the super-cool Black Friday PSYCHO FAN PACKAGE soon, along with a few other cool surprises, just after Stephen wraps PROJECT 51 next week.  Be sure to keep your eye on our social during PROJECT 51, by the way.  Stephen is writing 51 short stories in a marathon writing sprint that goes through NOV. 11 and 12 and he'll be posting videos and live updates as he goes and the stories are all base on YOUR SHIT. Check it out here. Gonna be nuts.

Finally, some shipping news. THE BEYOND #4 and MANIAC: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL have experienced shipping and binding delays, as you know, but we're on track to ship soon.  Look for both of those to hit your mailboxes towards the end of the month. 

It's been a terrible year for everyone, but one thing you can count on is this:  Eibon Press will never die. We Promise. Rock!

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