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Roadkill Issue #2 Psycho Fan Variant Cover Reveal!

Whats up guys, Shawn here with a quick little update. First order of business, if you came out and supported Wasteland Issue #3 over the weekend I love you. THANK YOU! As you know we depend on sales pre-order weekend to keep the Eibon train rolling as smoothly as possible here. Don't forget, Eibon books have ZERO distribution, nada. Direct sales to our dear readers, are it. So if you haven't had the chance to pick up your copy of Wasteland #3 yet you can click this link and get yours now. We really appreciate your support! 

Now on to some Roadkill news! I'm ecstatic to report that Maniac 2 Roadkill ISSUE #2 is just about ready for the printer and I must say, Pat has achieved an all new level of HOLY SHIT with this issue. He is really nailing this crazy new world and I'm having a blast watching Spinell play in it. This really does feel like a long lost horror film starring Joe Spinell. It works. And holy shit, this issue is so over the top it even shocked the shit out of me! I can't wait to share more but until then here is one of the many variant covers for this issue.

Stay tuned! -Shawn 

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