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New Wasteland 89 NEWS! Gates Of Hell Factory Damage SALE! The Beyond is SELLING FAST

Hey Kids, Shawn here with some Eibon NEWS!

All House By The Cemetery Issue #3's and Gates Of Hell Trade Paperbacks have shipped, if you didn't get your's yet it should be arriving soon. If you have yet to receive tracking, please check your Junk/Spam folders. 

Unfortunately a few of the Gates Of Hell Paperbacks arrived from our printer damaged. Primarily corner dings and dog-earing on the ends. (Photos below) These aren't in good enough condition to sell at full price. So we are offering them"as is" for half the price. We only have a few of these they will probably go quickly. Just $15! They are signed, but not numbered. And yes they do include the signed art print, brochure and bookmark. You can get one HERE.

In other new The Beyond Issue #1 has been on sale for one week now and its BLOWING out. We only have 4 Psycho Editions left, less than 30 Signature Editions, and over half the Standard Editions are GONE. Do not miss out on your chance to own the first issue, or end up paying outrageous aftermarket prices. Issue #1's of all our books go for crazy prices on Amazon and Ebay. Get your copy NOW!

Finally its almost time for our new original series Wasteland 89! It goes on sale Thanksgiving night November 28th at 7pm Pacific! In the coming weeks we will announce a very special extra included in ALL COPIES of Wasteland 89, a first here at Eibon. Its gonna blow you away...

Check out one of the Psycho Fan covers and a few sample pages! 

See you NEXT FRIDAY with more Wasteland 89 NEWS! 



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