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New Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Sneak Peeks! Wasteland Issue #2 Begins Shipping Next Week!

Hey Kids, Shawn here with a hot little Eibon Newsletter to get you through the weekend. Below you'll find some Wasteland Issue #2 shipping updates and some beautiful NEW sample pages for Bottomfeeder: FULL BLACK!  We also we had to move the FULL BLACK pre-order date up one week to June 19th to allow for website maintenance. Make a note and mark your calendars!

YES! All the extras and books for Wasteland Issue #2 have finally arrived at the Eibon Press Compound! We are now in the process of assembling, signing, and shrink wrapping everything. As usual it takes me a good 7 to 10 days to get them done. I anticipate beginning the shipping on these next week around June 6th-8th. It takes a few days to get them all shipped but if you don't see tracking numbers by June 9th or 10th please check your junk/spam folders before emailing us, they end up in there sometimes. 

In other news Bottomfeeder: FULL BLACK has been moved up one week to Friday June 19th at 7pm Pacific. This edition has been an intense labor of love for all of us here at Eibon Press. It’s a return to our original concept for the graphic novel being presented in black and white "film noir." It's a whole new vision. This was Joe Pilato’s wish and the new version is dedicated to him. I cannot wait to share more with you all, wait till you see the Psycho Edition on this one! More details coming soon...

And this isn’t your standard “noir” edition, the way it’s traditionally done at places like DC, where they simply remove the colors and present the original art boards. No, we wanted a full range of grayscale colors by original colorist Fatboy so you really feel like you're "watching" an old 1940's pulp movie! Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK really showcases Pat Carbajal's art and the deep blacks and grays really add a level of doom, dread and creepy atmosphere that was never achieved with color. It really gets under your skin. Here's some sample pages, check this amazing shit out! 

Goddamn huh? This is the definitive release for Bottomfeeder kids and you NEED this in your collection! I hope you will join us in celebration on Friday June 19th at 7pm Pacific and reserve your copy. Don't forget guys, this edition is extremely limited! Just 500 Signed And Numbered Copies, 400 Standard Editions and 100 Psycho Editions.

And if you've been paying attention to our site I'm sure you've noticed many of our books have sold out or on the verge of selling out... Bottomfeeder issues 1 and 2 are gone now and issue 3 will sell out soon too. House By The Cemetery Issue #1, the Zombie Graphics Novels and Zombie Issue #6 are sold out as well. Maniac Issue #2 is gone and the others like The Beyond Issue #1 and Issue #2 are dangerously low.... Do not sleep on these releases! Complete those collections or you will end up trying to find these on Ebay for outrageous aftermarket prices. 

Stay Tuned. Next Friday we will show the Bottomfeeder: FULL BLACK Psycho Editions and your heads will explode!  



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