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Maniac And Beyond #4 UPDATE! Plus Maniac 2: Roadkill Sneak Peeks!

Hi, kids, Shawn here!

We've got some Maniac 2 Roadkill news and samples but first some shipping updates. Things have been crazy around here, to say the least, but we've got our eye on the prize and we're still rocking it out. Unfortunately both THE BEYOND #4 and our MANIAC graphic novel have experienced shipping delays due to Covid related complications and a fatal binding issue, which rendered the entire MANIAC print run completely un-sellable. This begs an explanation, and Stephen will provide a detailed one in the coming weeks, but here's the short version: We switched to a stateside printing firm for our MANIAC project in order to fill orders faster, but ironically it was a complete disaster. The binding on all 500 copies was sub-par. Man, it was heartbreaking to get all those boxes in and find that the binding had been botched so badly, but rest assured that the delay has not been in vain. The newly reprinted and rebound books are on their way to us now and we will begin assembly and shipment as soon as they arrive next week, along with the super amazing custom Eibon Sleeves, posters and pins we had done. I will post and update when they arrive. Our revised ETA for shipping for both MANIAC and THE BEYOND #4 is around the end of October or beginning of November. Stay tuned for updates. 

I want to reiterate the following because this is a big point of pride with us: We are small but we are committed. And this ain't Kickstarter. When you put in your hard-earned cash during pre-order weekend, it goes right into the product and YOU GET THAT PRODUCT, come hell or high water, even if we have a few delays. Unfortunately with the virus being a world wide thing, there isn't much we can do about shipping delays. But we will always take care of you guys and keep you updated here. 

MEANWHILE, the crew is still busting ass on new issues for you, too. MANIAC 2: ROADKILL issue #1 is a killer motherfucker and it's gonna blow your brains out the back of your skull. If you thought the first series was tough, man, just wait until you see this! It's got new characters, new gore, new takes on your old friends Frank and Anna. It's just fucking NUTS! Unfortunately, because of the current shipping delays we have to push the Maniac 2 pre-order date up a few weeks. We will let you know the new pre-order date soon so you can mark those calendars but it should be mid November sometime. 

MEANWHILE, take a peek at some ALL-NEW PREVIEW IMAGES from the just-finished MANIAC 2: ROADKILL #1.  Frank has never been crazier, and Anna D'Antoni has never been hotter.  Pat and Stephen collaborated as writers on this, too, so the story is wild and twisted and full of craziness.  It's in the bloody pipe, kids, and COMING SOON!

And keep watching our socials for more surprises and updates on MANIAC, The BEYOND #4 and other amazing projects we have on tap, including a SURPRISE SNEAK PEEK and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of our newest UPCOMING FULCI COMICS release..

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