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Maniac 2: Roadkill Sneak Peek! The First 3 FINISHED Pages!

Hey, kids!  Shawn here. You all came out in FORCE to support the release of our Maniac Graphic Novel and that's amazing. It really helps keep the lights on here, guys! The Psycho Frank Edition sold out in six hours, and we're almost sold out of the first 300 copies, which are each signed and contain special extra goodies, including a custom-designed enamel pin! Just 20 of those left, so get those orders in. Since this is 500 copy limited edition, that also means that once the pins sell out, that's just 100 COPIES of this incredible, SUPER LIMITED, insanely collectible book available. Keep in mind that once the edition sells out, it's gone forever, so don't miss your chance to be part of horror history with this bad boy.

And speaking of horror history. It's almost HALLOWEEN again, and our official Halloween pre-order release on FRIDAY OCTOBER 30th is none other than the first incredible issue of . . .


This is the long-awaited official comic book SEQUEL to the film, which is so insane it must be seen to be believed. So here's something for you to see... 

THE FIRST THREE PAGES OF THE COMIC! Art by Pat Carbajal with colors by Fatboy.


Cool, huh? And let me tell you, kids, it only get more depraved and intense and fucked up from here. Pat Carbajal collaborated with Stephen on the story for this one, which takes us on a road trip from hell, as Frank pursues Anna D'Antoni into the badlands of the New Mexico desert.  Stephen calls it "The ALIENS of slasher sequels," because it's very different from the first one in many ways, but I promise they've been fully reverent to the classic character of Frank Zito, taking him into totally uncharted territory, and you will not be disappointed with a single page! Seriously, this has become one of our most insane projects here at Eibon, and we can't wait to unleash it on you. The first issue is nearly ready for the presses! So get ready. It's gonna be a king-hell bloodbath.


And get those final orders in for the MANIAC Collection Graphic Novel. It's gonna be gone really soon. Shipping in October!


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