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Hi, kids! Stephen Romano here again with some coolness for you. We’ve been promising to reveal the newest member of the Eibon Press family for weeks now, and she's coming right up. . . but first let me take a second to say how much we appreciate all your support and kind words during this terrible time. Of course it helps a company like this at ANY TIME to get support and kindness, but lately it’s especially special to not only our sanity, but our very survival as a company.  The stone cold fact is that we LOVE what we do here and every freaking ounce of that passion goes into each and every page. Everyone who works for us in the Eibon Bullpen is in it for that same love. Par Carbajal, Puis Calzada, Chris Hall, Matheus Huve, the fabulous Monsteress Savage and the amazing miss Bruna Costa, they all put a piece of their soul right there on each and every page they create for us, and of course we couldn’t do what we do without them.

But NOW . . . a new member of the family has arrived. She’ll be our official spokeswoman and social media host from here on, and starting in MANIAC 2: ROADKILL issue #2, she’ll even be showing up as an Eibon Comics character! I’m speaking of the one, the only, the hotter than fire . . .


That’s WITH ONE K, guys. Get it right when you say hello to her from now on at our Facebook and Twitter, and go see her at her own IG, where she has a devoted following of real horrophiles you might like to know also. Niki’s the real deal, people. She’s a fan just like us, who lives the horror lifestyle with her beautiful family and she’s got an Elvira collection you wouldn’t believe. We saw something special in Niki and thought it was only fitting she become our own official Elvira!

The portraits above were done by Pat Carbajal and Puis Calzada, and they’ll be available as special extras in MANIAC 2: ROADKILL #2 along with a ton of other Niki surprises. BUT FOR NOW, let’s kill two birds with one stone and go BEHIND THE SCENES on Niki’s very first appearance in that upcoming Frank Zito adventure, in which the poor lady gets her head carved off with a chainsaw and presented as a new friend to the legendary miss Caroline Munro (as Anna D’Antoni), in one of the best sequences we’ve ever done in an Eibon comic. And this is just a sneak of one page. There’s lots more. But that’s for later, when you get your sticky fingers on the new issue of MANIAC 2. Right now, let’s take you through it step by step.

FIRST, gave us a shit-ton of reference photos to choose from, “acting” out the scene as I told her to. Ain’t she the cutest damn thing?

Pat then took the photos and made them into reference materials for his rough pencils, which I then approved and lettered.

Pat then did his remarkable inks, which came out killer . . .

And Matheus Huve, our returning colorist from issue #1, added the final hellish touches with his amazing shades and hues.

Hot damn, right?

I am really proud of this collaboration with Pat and with Niki and it’s really some of the best work we’ve ever done. Pat and I have been at this for a long time and we may have finally figured out what the fuck were doing.  HAH! You will see this scene, plus a host of other insane horrors in MANIAC: ROADKILL ISSUE 2, coming real damn soon, kids! The first issue has been well received and is selling fast. Psycho Edition (which was super cool!) is gone. Signature edition is almost gone. (It’s real cool too and you get an enamel pin!) And issue #2 is just around the corner, guys. It's our big summer release.

But what's up right next, you ask?  Some of you have been wondering when PROJECT 51 will be released.  The answer is SOON... but NEXT FRIDAY, we’ll be having a special preview of WASTELAND 1989 #3 and EVEN SOONER THAN THAT (like around Tuesday) we’ll be announcing a special surprise thingie, which we know you’ll love. So keep an eye on all our socials including Niki’s . . . because you JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT MAD BASTARD SHIT WE’RE GONNA BE INTO NEXT!

Keep the faith. -Stephen

Maniac 2 Roadkill Issue #1 is selling out, get one NOW! 



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