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Maniac 2 Books Arrived! Escape From The Beyond Sneak Peek and MORE!

Hi, kids!

Stephen Romano here with an update for all you who are STILL waiting on orders. We're getting daily messages about that and we want you to know we're on the case but the good news is the Maniac 2 Roadkill books finally arrived today! Details on the delays below but rest assured we're starting assembly all this weekend, all current orders in our store will be shipping soon. 

As you know, we're sorta in the middle of an apocalypse right now and just staying on the air at all has proven an immense challenge for anyone in the creative arts, much less mail order guys like us, who rely on the tender mercies of things like the postal service and United States Customs officials.  Suffice it to say that it's all been an even bigger bitch than usual.  Not only have COVID-related issues created massive delays on MANIAC 2: ROADKILL issue 1, but an entire shipment of our books were actually seized during shipping and burned due to international laws regarding obscene content. Totally not kidding, kids. They took one look, apparently, during a random inspection at the border and said no way, Jack. Plus there were weeks-long delays due to other problems with getting another shipment through customs.  Add to that the massively overwhelming response to our 50 percent off sale and it's all added up to a lot of extra weeks you've had to wait.


As we have proven time and again, there is no need to fear. We've finally sorted out this mess and Shawn is getting the books ready to be shipped. With any luck we'll have your orders out soon. Remember, this is EIBON PRESS, folks,  We pride ourselves on the BEST COMICS and the BEST customer satisfaction.  If you pay us for a comic book you will GET a comic book, guaranteed, and it will KILL all the other comics on your shelf.  We have never let a customer down and we ain't about to start now, apocalypse or not. Plus we have lots of great stuff coming up this year, and you'll be fucking blown away by all of it. That's a guarantee too.

That said, we GET IT, kids.  It's frustrating to have to wait so long.

So we'd like to thank you, for your faith and patronage over the years, with a special SNEAK PREVIEW of this Halloween's official sequel to Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND, now in production, with insane art by the one-and-only JEFF ZORNOW.  We gave you a sneak of the first page a few months page in script form.  Now here's that first full and complete page, in all it's gory glory:

Hot damn, huh???  This is a three issue mini-series that picks up right after the events of THE BEYOND and is a sequel both to that film and GATES OF HELL and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY. It's our biggest, most epic series yet! Once this series is complete, the four titles will finally make up the 13-issue maxi-series THE SAGA OF THE 7 GATES!

Also, we have MANIAC 2: ROADKILL Issue #2 almost finished, and let me tell you, man, it's something you're gonna totally have to fucking SEE to believe.  The first issue, as you will discover soon, goes pretty hard . . . but #2 . . . man, even WE got freaked out by some of this shit.  It's the nastiest, raunchiest, most over-the-top issue of any series yet in terms of sheer perverted content.  And here's just a sneak peek of that madness, fresh from the drawing board of Pat Carbajal:

As you can see, Frank is literally knee deep in trouble.  And it only gets worse from here, kids.  We really love this series.  Hope you do to. The first issue is a thing of intense, deliriously sick beauty.  Can't wait for you to see it!

Oh yeah, and one  more MANIAC thing.  Keep watching our socials in the next few weeks for a special new preview of MANIAC 2: ROADKILL issue #2, hosted by the newest member of our rapidly mutating Eibon Press family. She's a special lady we know you're gonna love.  Also, she's hotter than fire.  You get to meet her soon, and you'll also be able to check out her guest appearance in the second issue of MANIAC!

Lastly, we want to apologize again for our many delays.  This has been a tough time.  We're pushing back the release of WASTELAND 1989 #3 another month to make room for shipping in March, and we won't offer a new book again until all orders are shipped out.  Plus we may have super special surprise FLASH SALE in the works as another thank-you for hanging in there with us.  SO STAY TUNED.  And stick with Eibon, kids.  We won't let you down. EVER.

And that's a PROMISE.


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