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House By The Cemetery Issue #3 Begins Shipping MONDAY! Gates Of Hell Paperback NEWS!

House By The Cemetery Issue #3 Begins Shipping MONDAY guys! As usual it takes me a few days to get them all shipped. Look for tracking numbers between Monday and Thursday. If you don't see your tracking by Thursday, please check your Junk/Spam folders, then end up in there sometimes. 

I should have the Gates Of Hell Trade Paperbacks any day now, those will ship faster because they aren't sleeved or shrink wrapped, look for those to ship within a week or so. I will post here when they get in! 

Don't forget, The Beyond Issue #1 goes on sale THIS FRIDAY October 25th at 7pm Pacific. See you in the store Friday! 

Thanks again for your support! 


Check out some samples of the 7 Doors Of Death soundtrack! All copies of The Beyond #1 come with this bonus soundtrack CD! 




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